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A true tale of misery

Years ago, when one of my friends was fresh out of college, I got a job selling newspaper advertising.  The WWF (now the WWE) was coming to town and he

I am off to Mira Road to conduct a half-day private workshop where I will be working with a small group of people on creating their custom sales funnel. (I

Maa Kasam, you are leaving ‘bunch of ₹upiyas on the table every time you make a sale.  But not to fear, because Ashish Pawar is here. I want to discuss

Before You Begin To Create A Sales Presentation Of Any Kind,  You Want To Do Some Sort Of Preparation. It Will Make Your Job Much Easier, And Your Finished Product Will

We are sitting in Pizza Hut, Infinity, Malad we are hoping that our pizza, meal for 4 comes in 15 mins. Naturally, if there is any chance of that pizza

Happy Thursday! Imagine generating a flood of sales or prospects booking consultations every month, like clockwork, with little time investment, and NO MARKETING COST. Sounds good? Today’s email has sales

Here are da facts, Premnath

Yeah, I know you are name is not “Premnath” but that doesn’t change the cold hard facts of business.  So let’s go over them this fine evening. The single most

Morning, partner! Your fearless leader is about to bestow upon you some sage advice about how to create a sales surge for fun and profit. So, hustle up to the

Well, THAT was ugly

Remember India vs. Pakistan match on 24th October. Final score: India: 151/7 – Pakistan: 152/0. 🙁 🙁 You want to talk about ugly? I am sure Ravi Shastri much have

Customer avatars

When it comes to picking your single target market, you first need to know who would benefit the most by working with you. There are a lot of people out

I frequently get emails from people asking me why their funnel isn’t working. I always ask the same question back – WHICH part of your funnel isn’t working? It seems there

Fortunately, early on I realised that a business’s most important asset, is it’s CUSTOMERS.  When you get them, by God don’t let them slip or get away. I also learned early

Want to know what the big secret is to a successful business?  You are probably not going to like it. Marketing—and LOTS of it.  But marketing by itself isn’t enough. 

We are racing towards Diwali – FAST.  There are a lot of shoppers that haven’t even STARTED their Diwali shopping.  People are still, trying to figure out unique gifts for