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Hello my friend, to you and your family. May this year you generate more leads than ever and make more profits. Talking of lead generation made me think about mistakes

In most political campaigns you can knock off your competition before a single vote is cast… This is similar to what you want to do in business… knock the competition

Hi! What to charge for your services and products is one of the biggest obstacles business owners face. And you continuously under-price your products and services you try and “beat”

Put your business on auto pilot

In these uncertain times, I have quadrupled the sales to one of my programs… Despite the fact that no one was making sales calls… creating emails… sales letters… or other

Last week, I attended one of my coaching clients off-site meeting… The goal was to get away from all of the distractions and review what was accomplished, where to go

Hello my friend, Some years back Amazon launched “Kindle Singles”, e-books that are shorter than full-length books and longer than magazine articles. It was an idea that had never been

Will you accept my challenge?

I have a mission for you, should you choose to accept it. It’s one of profound importance. I will lay it out for you. I challenge you to accomplish more,

How Do You Set Goals?

That’s what one of my private clients asked me. One thing I said was to always re-consider adding new items on my “goals list”. I don’t like about my business

  Winning isn’t always about hard work. Smart people take shortcuts all the time. They just don’t “look” like shortcuts.   Here are my top 20. Use these and you

A lot of people I talk to tell me they sometimes feel like they are being “left behind” when it comes to starting or growing their business. So what’s the