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“Discover the most Unconventional Direct Response Marketing Strategies that can enable you to attract MORE Qualified Customers, Clients, or Patients”

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    Here is what’s included in Your “Business Growth Tools” A Direct Response Marketing Toolkit:

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    A Simple Three Step Blueprint to Attract Your Ideal Clients In 45 Days Or Less – Discover a complete, step-by-step direct marketing system that you can implement in your business and see results in your bank account in 45 days or less.

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    12 Dumb Marketing Mistakes – Reveals how you can multiply your income and gain more autonomy, independence, and security than ever before. You will discover the key difference for maximising opportunity and creating wealth with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) techniques and avoid dumb marketing mistakes.

    Gift #3

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    How To Write A Powerful USP For Your Business – Keys to crafting sales and direct marketing messages that truly resonate with the desires of your ideal clients. You will finally be able to create advertising and promotional materials that strike to the heart of what your prospect wants and frame your products and services as the only viable solution.

    Gift #4

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    Seven Essential Online Marketing Secrets – Reveals how you can hijack online traffic to flood your business with qualified leads, sales, and passive income and possibly increase your business by between 50% to 250% just by adopting some fairly simple online marketing strategies.

    Gift #5

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    Secrets To Direct Response Marketing – Is a complete MP3 Audio CD program that acts as the perfect companion to the strategies revealed in the book. Packed with radical advice for your success, Ashish reveals the quickest and easiest way for any small business owner to take control of their marketing and income so they can enjoy the things that really matter in life.

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    Transcripts of Secrets To Direct Response Marketing – Not only that, you also get 27 page Transcripts of 60 minutes MP3 Audio CD program, word-by-word. So even if your electronic device battery is drained you can still refer to it where you left off. This transcript also has a special section for taking notes while listening to it so you don’t miss any important point.

    Gift #7

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    123 Email Subject Lines To Boost Your Email Open Rates – Did you know that email subject lines are the single most important part of any email you send? That’s because they are the key to whether a reader opens your email, ignores it, or even sends it to spam. In this special report Ashish will help you understand what makes good email subject lines and give you 123 examples that you can use to increase your email open rates.

    Gift #8

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    3- Minute Marketing Checklist To Increase Your Profits – This very simple checklist will force you to look at every marketing campaign from the perspective of building relationships rather than merely getting a sale or a click. Sure, sales and clicks are vital, but over time, people will stay with you because of the interpersonal relationship, they feel–the connection, they experience with you.

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    This Business Growth Tools kit has hepled me in positioing my business and having more productivity


    This is great stuff. It leads you through the basics for those of us who own a business but don’t have the marketing background to make it successful


    I found myself enjoying every minute of it. Examples are done like mini case studies, it shows how the ideas are put in to practice in the real world


    I did get tips and ideas for things I need to do like: make sure my sales funnel is catching people’s information to retarget them, make sure I know how to effectively use my marketing rupees