I am on my way to help one of clients launch his new product. 

He has done a great job generating a lot of leads for this event and my guess is he is going to close really well and make much money.


I do NOT think this because of the number of leads he has but rather because of the quality of leads.

Most entrepreneurs miss this important point. 

They think they want more leads when, in most cases, they should focus on generating higher quality leads. It’s one of the easiest ways to increase your closing percentage.

There are a number of ways to do this. Here are three: 

  1. You can be selective about who you target. If you are buying a database or list, you can target buyers. If you are using Facebook for lead generation (and you should be) you can target your highest probability prospects
  2. Your lead generation marketing pieces can not only use language that attracts the people who you want but also dissuades people who you don’t want from responding
  3. You can make prospects jump through multiple-hoops before they ever get to talk with you. When I offer done-for-you customised sales presentations, I make people qualify themselves before we ever have a conversation

 A spiritual guru friend of mine, makes prospects request his information package, go through it and fill out paperwork in advance just so they can see if he will take them on as a client.

Listen, lone ranger: 

If you get in front of more highly qualified prospects, you will automatically close more sales. 

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