Have you ever experienced someone who was so absorbed and locked into a TV show that they haven’t a clue what’s going on around them?

(Perhaps it’s even happened to you.)

It’s like they are under a spell that can’t be broken.

It reminds me of how challenging it can be to break-through the trance your prospects and customers are under when they see your marketing.

Because as you know, people are in a preoccupied state when they see your ads, promotions, and other marketing material.

– They are thinking about family problem, marriage, kids ,etc.

– A problem they have at work.

– Or maybe how they can’t wait until the weekend.

Of course, those are just surface level distractions.

They can be broken through by “entering the conversation already going on in your prospect’s head”.

A technique we have talked about before where you try to tie into something that reflects your prospect’s current state of mind.

However, there is a deeper trance you have to break through.

It’s one that is much more difficult to break through though.

It involves the stories your prospects, customers, clients, or patients picked up from their parents about schooling, making money, success, and society in general.

Plus, the stories they constantly tell themselves such as…

“I am too old (too young, too out of shape, too educated, too un-educated, etc.) to do that”.

 “That may work for some people, but it will never work for me”.

 “I don’t have enough time to try that—I am already so busy”.

Don’t you agree!

It’s much harder to get through to people when they have strong beliefs and stories that they are telling themselves.

Absolutely it is harder–if not impossible!

But what if you could penetrate your prospects minds and discover the thing that would magnify their desire for your products and services?

You would not only sell more but you would have a committed customer who you could move through your sales process much faster.

Customers would stop telling themselves the same old story that is holding them back.

As a result, you would be responsible for helping them make leaps forward towards their goals, dreams, or a better way of doing things.

Yes, getting through that deep emotional trance would mean more customers that are serious and less tire-kickers.

Plus, you would get to “yes” quicker which means bigger profits faster.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have tools that move people from whatever they are thinking to where they need to be in order for you to make the sale?

There are ways to pull people out of their trances and get them focused on what you are trying to convey.

In fact, in Business Growth Tools you will discover not theory-based, but proven ways to snap prospects out of the spell they are under.

These Tools reveals how to:

– wake up your prospects,

– determine what story they are playing in their head,

– and break through the trance.

And bridge the gap between what your prospects really think and your current sales message.

See how to reframe, reposition, re-package, re-language and reinvent the way you present whatever it is you are selling so that your prospects, customers, clients, or patients see it as an interesting and exciting opportunity worth pursuing.

You will find out the BIG obstacles that most marketers don’t know exist that you MUST overcome when selling…

What most people REALLY think and the “worker mentality” you have to overcome that exists in 95% of your prospects…

So, stop your customer’s from replaying the same old story that is holding him in a trance and tap into his or her desire so you can greatly elevate your revenues and profits.

Race over here… if you would like to do that.

Note: Business Growth Tools comes 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied let us know and we will give you every paisa back.

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