Gather round, kiddies, as Dr. Pawar is talking to you about the most significant profit-crushing mistake entrepreneurs make that causes them to struggle and stress out.

I am talking about not making marketing and sales their number one priority.

The marketing and selling of your product or service is the business you are really in.

Once I made the mental shift from being a provider of my service to a marketer of my service, everything changed because it put my focus on where it should be.

You must get good at marketing and selling and learn to like it if you want to succeed on the highest level.

Many professional services providers think that selling is somehow “beneath” them.

All the fancy degrees hanging on their walls don’t mean squat, if they don’t have a consistent flow of new business coming in and if they are not closing the sale.

It’s a self-evident truth that you need to focus on marketing and sales, isn’t it?

But how do you market and sell effectively?

The technical aspects of marketing, especially online, can be complicated.

I don’t screw around with learning the in and outs of how to set up Facebook ads, PPC, Instagram, Podcasts, or any of that other stuff. And neither should you. Leave that to the pros.

Your greatest leverage is creating marketing and sales messages that motivate your best prospects to want to do business with you.

And, your greatest leverage inside of that is by getting good at one-to-many selling, this includes email, online video, copywriting, webinars, speaking, workshops, and more.

If you want to get a system to leverage your marketing in a formulaic way… race over here

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