Social Media Marketing


How To FIX Your Broken Funnel, Easily

I frequently get emails from people asking me why their funnel isn’t working. I always ask the same question back – WHICH part of your funnel isn’t working? It seems there

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7 money making tips about internet marketing

I have to confess, when I first started marketing on the Internet, I wasn’t making much money there. Maybe around ₹5000.00 a year. Hardly enough to cover the cost of doing this.

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MUST Know, If You Want To Hold Onto Your Online Audience

Today I do want to talk about the psychology of how you get clients to continually come back to you. Whether it’s getting your prospects and clients to come back

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Building Credibility By Using Proof

Hey, it’s me again and today I want to talk about Credibility. It’s absolutely critical that you quickly build credibility with your audience. It’s something that you need to do

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