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Dal rice…

Dal rice – that’s my lunch whenever I am on the road speaking. I can’t even begin to count how many times I have eaten that damn thing. And every

In business, there are 7 critical areas of marketing every business must have in place. Think of it as your “Wheel of Marketing”. And in order to have your business

Hey, it’s me again and today I want to talk about Credibility. It’s absolutely critical that you quickly build credibility with your audience. It’s something that you need to do

You have probably heard the saying, “Telling is not selling” and that the key to sales success is to be a good listener more than a good talker. Both of

Recently, during a one-to-one consultation, a client asked me how long he should continue to follow up with a lead. I just jumped out of seat and immediately asked him:

Puzzle people, I just don’t get them. Sitting around a big table with a pile of tiny cardboard pieces is not my idea of fun. (And don’t get me going

Did you see the new Rocky movie?

Rocky, the original one, is my all time favorite movie. It was the first movie I watched that actually made me feel something. I remember the scene the night before

Yesterday we talked about the importance of “compliance” when presenting and I showed you the wrong way to do it. Today, I will share with you a powerful and very

I am up bright and early this morning and it’s not by choice. I am doing delivering a speech in Suba International, Mumbai, woke up about at 4:00 a.m. and

Avoid This Stupid Thing

If you have ever attended a seminar, I am sure this has happened to you… You are sitting in your seat, waiting for the next speaker. And then Bandook Singh,

The Success Triangle

Today I enter the digital world as we all know as “Blog”. I know I might sound like a stone-age person as I have entered this digital world after more