“Discover How To Create A Never-Ending Flow Of Traffic So You Never Have To Worry About Where Your Next Customer Will Come From”

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2:47 PM, Wednesday

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Dear Savvy Entrepreneur,

Let’s face it getting traffic to your website or store or shop can be a teeth-grinding affair. As an entrepreneur and a small business owner I am sure you have some old rusted and barely working way to drive traffic to your business.

If you are having this way than you are going through frustrating times of “yo-yo” income where you have absolutely no idea how much traffic (or money) you are going to make every month.

Marketing your products and service effectively and generating good response rates to your ads are the most important things you can do to increase sales and generate income.

I am sure in past you must have run many many ads and has been massive failures and it has been extremely frustrating for you. Not knowing what to do next.

That is, unless you have a proven, reliable SYSTEM for “pushing-a-button” andwatching qualified prospects come to YOU

I want to show you how to summon a surge of traffic to any website or store or shop using the SYSTEM that I am using over and over again to drive targeted traffic.

I am talking about pay per click advertising on Google’s Adwords. There has been a lot of buzz about advertising on Google, and the reports are coming in: it can generate a literal goldmine of traffic and sales.

Google is growing (and growing and growing and growing…). Google, the world’s largest search engine and has indexed over 4700 crores web pages. Each and every day, over 350 crores people log onto Google, and it currently controls the lion’s share of the search engine market (roughly 82%).

That’s a lot of people like you searching online and advertising online and try to capture some of this rapidly exploding traffic for their web sites. Search engine advertising currently accounts for 55% of all advertising dollars spent. And that is for a reason: it’s one of the most highly effective methods of getting your product or service known online.

So why not put your product or service in front those people who are looking for it so that it helps you to have certainty, sustainability in your business with a predictable cash flow using the following strategy.

How to use keywords in your ad so that Google will be able to tell that the ad is relevant to the search
Clearly state who you are and what you offer and what your business is and how you can help with what they are looking for. If you own a store that offers many different products, make sure you are matching your ad to the keywords being searched
Make your business unique as there are tons of results on the first page of a Google search. You need to tell them why they should choose your business. Are you more affordable, dependable, or reliable? Do you have awesome reviews and ratings? Share that information in your ad
Have a clear call to action people are more likely to click on an ad if they are being instructed on next steps. Examples of this are “Call today for a free quote,” or “Enter pincode to find store closest to you”

Yes, creating all of this can be time-consuming and frustrating process. You need to know which keywords to use, create compelling offer, and create something of value that your client wants… and on and on and on. And that fact is that although most entrepreneurs and business owners KNOW they need this BUT they never seem to DO IT or if they do, they don’t do it right.

But now you have the opportunity to have me create your very own Google Adwords machine for you… the Ashish Pawar way… from start to end and hand it to you tied up in a pretty bow ready to use. Introducing the…


Traffic Machine Package

Imagine having your own high quality Traffic Machine allowing you to turn on a flood of traffic anytime you want! Life will just get easier because you will no longer have to fret about where you are going to get your next customers, clients or patients.

Now just imagine having me not only strategise but create every single part of the machine for you so it was plug and play. If that sounds good, then read what you get with my “Done For Your Traffic Machine Package”.

And this how it will work:

A private one-to-one consultation with me to discuss your overall targeted traffic machine strategy and success plan. Then I will create the following lead generation magnet materials for you:

Building Keywords for your Ad for generating more target traffic and more buying customers (and use these results to optimize your ad campaigns)
Write your ad with an irresistible appeal it’s the one thing that expert copywriters know, but most people forget when creating an ad!
Analyse “long” versus “short” copy for your web page and what length should be used. And if necessary layout a complete template for creating a successful landing page for you!
Highlight benefits in an enticing manner and why this is critical to your ad’s success a key difference between a huge response or having your ad overlooked
Write clear call to action that has are an unbeatable combination of emotion and scarcity that generates 10%…30%…even 50% or more clicks

In just two short weeks, you will have an effective campaign on Adwords that will start driving a flood of trafficto your website or store or shop. This is about creating your portfolio of never-ending traffic—where you can easily “push-a-button” and have your ideal customers, clients or patients come to you. This is the principle of Dynamic Marketing that I teach: that you can easily have your ideal customers, clients or patients come to YOU……vs. having to go out and try to chase them like your competition.

Imagine how much better you will sleep at night when you are getting hordes of traffic and think about how much certainty, stability and confidence you will have knowing you are bringing in leads and customers so you will never have to worry about your business again.

I am giving you everything on a silver platter so you don’t have to move even a single bone in our body. That means you won’t have to cobble together a plan for getting traffic to your website or store or shop front on your own—from a variety of sources—and “hope and pray” things work out.

Let’s Put Pen To Paper…

What I am doing for will cost you Rs. 6,995 that’s what I have prices it for. But since you have clicked on this page and read all that I have say just for that reason I am giving you this “Done For You Traffic Machine Package” for just Rs. 5,995

Listen: with just a handful of qualified customers, clients or patients you will be able to get thanks to my Done For You Traffic Machine Package will make the investment worthwhile.

Think about how much peace of mind you will have. In fact, in some businesses, you only have to get one more customer, client or patient you wouldn’t have otherwise attracted—when you take into account the lifetime value of that customer.

But that’s not all:

You Are Backed Up My Ironclad Guarantee


While I am extremely confident my team and I can help you reach your goals, I cannot guarantee results. What I DO, however, absolutely guarantee is this:

I will be extremely responsive to you
I will make sure everything is done right
Everything will be delivered to you on time
Working with me and having me do this for you gives you your very best chance at success

I Have Limitation For Time…

I can only take on FOUR of these projects at a time because the kind of work I have to do (remember, that I am not teaching you how to create this stuff – I am creating it for you). As of now I can accept FIVE new clients.

Once I get five, I will start a waiting list and work on the projects in the order I receive them. (The fast action response form will indicate whether you are one of the five peoples whose project I will work on immediately or if you are going to be put on the waiting list. Because this form is manually updated, it will also give you the approximate date, when I can start working on your project, if you are put on the waiting list.)

Order Now And Let Me Get To Work For You!

So take action today… while it’s still fresh on your mind. And get ready for a life of less stress, strife and worries as you create a gusher of qualified leads and traffic to your website or store or shop.

To your success,

Ashish Pawar

P.S.: Sure you could be doing a whole host of things to increase your income, like boosting your conversions or create more products. But there is only one thing that you could tweak almost overnight—and that’s the amount of traffic you get to your website or store or shop. ALL DONE FOR YOU – Keyword Search, Writing Irresistible Ads, Highlighting Benefits, Having Strong Call-To-Action. Sign up for this service now and start getting loads of traffic increasing your profits as easily and quickly as possible.