Ah winter!

For most Headway people, winter can never come soon enough.

While listening to a recent weather forecast they mentioned “winter” has come to some places, even though rain continues.

I couldn’t help but think about the similarity to business forecasts.

Some businesses are off to a great start. Their winter looks to be profitable and right on target with their goals.

Some are still stranded… sitting exactly where they were at that beginning of winter… at a complete standstill.

Some are in a slow transition and will continue to fight off significant set-backs, with some progress being made.

What is your business spring forecast?

If you want to stop struggling and keep your business steadily heating up, there are five things your marketing must do:

  1. Project the most powerful, persuasive, intriguing, compelling, fascinating LGM message possible
  1. Convey a clear LGM message to a specific target audience
  1. Reach the people most likely to buy from you
  1. Be effective and efficient choosing your LGM marketing approach
  1. Be measurable with your marketing

Use these 5 widgets in your marketing path and you are bound to withstand many business storms.

Importantly, implementing these five widgets you will not only just boost profits for the winter… they will keep your business hot all year round.

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