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From the desk of Ashish Pawar
Tuesday, 12:02 PM

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Dear Business Owner,

As you read in my report, a recent research conducted shows that nearly six out of ten businesses shut down within the first four years of operation and one of the main reasons is lack of new customers.

If you do not have a real system for generating: consistent leads, capturing their names, email ids, and addresses for follow up marketing.

If you do not have a real system for educating leads so that they know that you or your product or your service is the best and the only logical choice to buy and if you do not have a real system for automated follow-up that turn leads into buyers or appointments than you are in grave danger of becoming just a statistic.

Do You Currently Have These THREE Major Tools That Needs To Generate
Qualified Leads, Make Them Hot For Your Product Or Service And Convert
Them Into Clients Who, Pay, Stay and Refer?

There are three major pieces you WILL need to attract your ideal prospects and turn those prospects into to sales or appointments. If you are missing anyone of them, then you are LOSING BUSINESS and LOSING MONEY. Here they are:

The tool is what my mentor, Dan Kennedy, calls a “Lead Generation Magnet”. A “Lead Generation Magnet” is something of interest and value that you give away for FREE to attract your ideal client and get them to give you their name, email id, and address.

There are many advantages of having a compelling lead generation magnet, the most important one being “you are creating a list of leads that are interested in your product or service so that you can follow-up with them”.

Remember the great majority of your prospects are NOT ready to put hands in their pocket and buy what you have to offer right away. Unless you have a way to collect the contact information of these prospects and follow-up with them using permission-based marketing, if you are NOT doing this you are leaving the majority of your money on the table.

So the purpose of your lead generation magnet is to help you to continuously build a permission-based email list of leads using the following strategy.

You drive prospects to a lead capture page on your website offering them your lead generation magnet
Your lead capture page offers a free lead generation magnet in exchange for the name, email id, and address of your prospect
After submitting their name, email id, and address, your prospect (turned lead) is sent to a thank you page with a download link for the lead-generation magnet. (The lead-generation magnet positions you as the expert and gives reasons why your prospect should buy from you as opposed to anyone else AND gives a specific call to action… whatever you want your prospect to do next. Ex. Visit a web page to buy; call for an appointment, etc.)
An autoresponder email message is sent with a duplicate link to download the lead-generation magnet, followed by two additional emails that are automatically sent out
Their email contact info is stored in your email database so you can stay in contact with your lis

Yes, creating all of this can be time-consuming and frustrating process. You need to know how to build web pages, create auto responder messages, and create something of value that your client wants.. and on and on and on. And that fact is that although most business owners KNOW they need this, they never seem to DO IT or if they do, they don’t do it right.

But now you have the opportunity to have me create your very own lead generation machine for you… the Ashish Pawar way… from start to end and hand it to you tied up in a pretty bow ready to use.

Introducing the…


Lead Generation Magnet Package

Thank you very much these is a BEST investment I have done in my marketing so far. It brings more value adds quality and positions as an expert

Renowned Graphologist


Imagine for a minute finally having a REAL SYSTEM for generating quality leads on a consistent basis, so new customers keep coming through your doors or buying your products day in and day out-without you having to worry about it.

Now imagine having me not only strategies but create every single part of the system for you so it was plug and play. If that sounds good, then read what you get with my “Done For Your Lead Generation Magnet Package”.

A private one-to-one consultation with me to discuss your overall lead generation magnet marketing strategy and success plan. Then I will create the following lead generation magnet materials for you:

Lead Capture Page used to get visitors to give you their name and email id, and address to get the free lead generation magnet so you can build your list. (We will create 2 versions of this page so you can split test them and see which one gets better results.)
Download Page where your new opt-ins can download the lead generation magnet
The Lead Generation Magnet “Insider Secrets” Audio (MP3). I will interview you then will have it professionally edited and transcribed
The “Insider Secrets” Interview Format sounds exactly like you are an expert being interviewed on a radio show and includes intro and outro music
The Lead Generation Magnet “Insider Secrets” Special Report. (This PDF file will be an enhanced transcript of the interview.)
Three Follow-up Emails to be sent after someone requests the Lead Generation Magnet to make sure they download it, listen to it, and read it and take the next step you want them to take. Ex. Visit a sales page and buy, call for an appointment, fill out a form, etc

In just three short weeks, you will have a professionally designed Lead Generation Magnet Capture Page and Download Page; Completed Lead Generation Magnet consisting of “Insider Secrets Audio Interview” and accompanying report; and Three-Part Follow Up Email Sequence – everything you need to quickly start building your list of prospects who will quickly turn into buyers.

I have been using this system for year…and it WORKS!!! My clients who I have taught this system to and use it and it WORKS!!! But for the first time you don’t have to do it yourself. I will be doing it for you!

I made those changes to my website that you suggested… and my opt-in rate went from 1.85% to 22.44%!!! That’s a 1,112% increase! You are my hero!!!

Motivational Guru


Plus You Get These Three Amazing Bonuses… One So Good It Is
Worth More Than The Investment For The Entire Lead Generation
Magnet Package – And Will Be The Most Powerful Tools In
Your Marketing Toolkit

Free Bonus # 1: “HOW TO TRIPLE YOUR OPT-IN REQUESTS” In this special report you will discover how to scientifically use capture boxes in your site’s salesletter or content pages in order to get more people to join your lists. It;s another technique (in addition to the “landing page”) for collecting permission based subscribers.

Free Bonus # 2: “TEN SUBJECT LINE TEMPLATES THAT WILL GET YOUR MESSAGES OPENED” You will get a pack of subject line templates, along with complete examples on how to use them. Instead of trying to craft the perfect subject line to get the attention of your subscriber, simply plug in your details into the ready-made template and insert it into your mailing system.


A “Done For You” Lead Generation Postcard

I am going to design and create for you a direct response lead generation postcard for you to mail (post) to prospects that promotes your lead generation magnet and drives people to your lead capture page!

Note that I am not talking about an electronic postcard delivered by email but a real, honest to goodness postcard that you send in the mail. This works like gangbusters and delivers higher quality leads than almost any of the online techniques the “online gurus” teach!

Getting a copywriter of my caliber to create a marketing piece for you would cost you several thousands of rupees but I am including it for FREE when you take advantage of my “Done For You Lead Generation Magnet Package” offer.

There is NEVER been a more comprehensive service created specifically to help small business owners generate leads and build their own opt-in email lists. Having me create your lead generation magnet will literally transform your business by generating a consistent stream of qualified leads and opt-in requests you have never believed possible.

Okay, Ashish. This Sounds Fantastic…
But How Much Is It Going To Cost Me?

I am glad you asked, because this service will be priced in the future at ₹5,995. But as a special introductory price, you can get this “Done For You Lead Generation Package” for just ₹ 4,995.

There Is One Important, Time Sensitive Catch…

Because of the labor intensive nature of this work, I can only take on FOUR of these projects at a time. (Remember, that I am not teaching you how to create this stuff – I am creating it for you) As of now I can accept FIVE new clients.

nce I get five, I will start a waiting list and work on the projects in the order I receive them. (The fast action response form will indicate whether you are one of the five peoples whose project I will work on immediately or if you are going to be put on the waiting list. Because this form is manually updated, it will also give you the approximate date, when I can start working on your project, if you are put on the waiting list.)



While I am extremely confident my team and I can help you reach your goals, I cannot guarantee results. What I DO, however, absolutely guarantee is this:

I will be extremely responsive to you
I will make sure everything is done right
Everything will be delivered to you on time
Working with me and having me do this for you gives you your very best chance at success

If you are ready to attract a steady stream of prospects, convert those prospects to leads, and build a permission-based leads list who will convert into paying customers, then the “Done For You Lead Generation Magnet Package” is just what you are looking for.

Sign Up Now And Let Me Get To Work For You!

To your success,

Ashish Pawar

P.S.: With the “Done For You Lead Generation Magnet Package” you get everything you need – webpages, emails, a MP3 interview positioning you as the expert in your field, a free report to give to your prospects and more – ALL DONE FOR YOU. Sign up for this service now and start generating more leads and increasing your profits as easily and quickly as possible.

P.P.S.: Shweta Pawar from Tardeo wrote this about me, “I got 37 calls in a single day for my business based on one of postcard you created”. Remember, as part of this service I am creating a lead generation postcard for you to take and immediately use!