Hello lone ranger,

I am reading a tremendous book titled “No: The Only Negotiating System You Need for Work and Home” by Jim Camp. 

This book was highly-recommended by email marketing wizards. 

The premise of the book is that the word “no” is GOOD, not bad and that you should be looking to get a “NO”.

In fact, chapter 3 is titled, If You Want the Advantage, Take No for the Answer: Why ‘No’ Is Great, “Yes” Is Bad, and “Maybe” Is the Worst.

Yes, this is counter-intuitive, but if you understand the psychology, it is life-changing. 

Read this carefully, Camp writes,

“When you internalise the principle that in every negotiation every party has the right to say no, that “no” is just a decision that may be followed by another decision, and that it is a perfectly safe answer to give and hear, well, the results are magical”.

 When you are okay hearing “no” and saying “no”, you put yourself in a position of power because, as the author says, “No can help you control any neediness you may be tempted to feel. It establishes respect for everyone. It leads to the gathering of information. The “no” principle is not about getting tough. It simply gets everyone out of guessing mode”.

 This is some of the best advice for closing more sales that I have ever encountered.

 Okay, I have got to get back to reading.

 Make it a great weekend. 

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