Small Business Success


Knock out your competition before your prospect ever asks the price

In most political campaigns you can knock off your competition before a single vote is cast… This is similar to what you want to do in business… knock the competition

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18 smart shortcuts for smart people

  Winning isn’t always about hard work. Smart people take shortcuts all the time. They just don’t “look” like shortcuts.   Here are my top 20. Use these and you

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Words that Can Block Your Goals

Hello lone ranger,   Throughout my career, I have studied goal-setting from the Greats in the field.   From that time of study, I came to a conclusion that there

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Is this profit killer slowly killing your business?

Recently, during a one-to-one consultation, a client asked me how long he should continue to follow up with a lead. I just jumped out of seat and immediately asked him:

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I hate puzzles but this one will fill your bank account

Puzzle people, I just don’t get them. Sitting around a big table with a pile of tiny cardboard pieces is not my idea of fun. (And don’t get me going

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How to get your audience to CRAVE what you are selling?

I am up bright and early this morning and it’s not by choice. I am doing delivering a speech in Suba International, Mumbai, woke up about at 4:00 a.m. and

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