Pawar clan hosted dinner for family and some relatives, yesterday.

At dinner, one of the relative’s asked about “how to market online dating services”.

Here is what I said…

If I were to market online dating services, this is the funnel I would create:

Part 1: Profile.

I would write using hypnotic language and subliminal suggestion. Cool huh.

In essence, this would be “lead generation”.

It would be designed to attract women I might be interested in and repel those who were not right for me.

Part 2: Series of templated emails.

I would write three:

One for when a woman emailed me, and I was interested.

Another, for when a woman emailed me, and I wasn’t interested.

And a third, if I was interested in someone.

Most instructive for you are the first and third emails.

Again, these would templated emails but would appear to be very personal.

These emails should not be “needy” at all. (This is the surest way to turn off any prospect.)

All these emails would have a very specific “call to action” with no ambiguity about what I wanted the woman to do next.

Part 3: Phone script.

This would be crafted to “qualify” my “prospect”.

Why waste time meeting with someone who wasn’t right?

If she is right, the phone script would shift directly into closing the sale, i.e., Getting the date and making the woman look forward to the date with great anticipation.

Part 4: The “closing” system.

Yes, I would “script everything” what’s going to happen on the date.

My point:

The point here is it doesn’t matter what you are selling.

Selling is selling is selling, period.

And the better you get at it, the more ₹upiyas you make.

If you want to increase your sales and get done for you marketing and sales materials handed to you on a silver platter… then race over here… door closes tomorrow midnight.

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