Unless you keep your guard up, you might let this type of class warfare thinking slip into your psyche, and it will stifle your income.

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So, what is this thinking of which I speak?

Believing that other people earn “too much” money and that it’s unfair.

You are constantly hearing about the “outrageous” salaries some CEO’s make compared to the ordinary worker. 

The media makes it seem so wrong.

The fact is, that the CEO has made him or herself more valuable – to the marketplace. 

Not more valuable in the eyes of God. 

Not more valuable as a human being. 

More valuable to the marketplace.

The more value you bring, the more money you get paid.

Next week in one of my client’s trainer-mastermind workshop I will be paid more money than I used to make in a year when I was starting out. 

How can that be?

I obviously have made myself more valuable to the marketplace.

Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking that all you need to do is make yourself more valuable to increase your income.

That’s just as faulty thinking as believing that some people make too much money.

No, you need to make yourself more valuable and then sell your value to your target market.

That is a winning formula.

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