When it comes to picking your single target market, you first need to know who would benefit the most by working with you.

There are a lot of people out there that could use your help. 

But not everyone is the right customer for you.

First, not everyone that falls into your “potential customer” group is at the same level. 

Some are pros, some are just starting out, and some are half way through their journey. 

All these people need help with different things.

And second, you also need to know who you enjoy working with the most. 

Because only when you enjoy working with a certain group of people, you can do your best work.

That’s why, creating vivid, real-life customer avatars can help you get clear on who is your ideal customer, clients, or patients.

For example, when I break down the insurance niche, there are four different avatars:

There is Sita. She is a brand new insurance agent. She is bright-eyed and enthusiastic and wants to make her new career a success. But she doesn’t have a clue what to do.

Then we have got Sheela. She is in insurance for a couple of years, and she has made it. She has got her feet on the ground, she is working with clients, and she knows what to do. She just needs more people to work with. And if she had a system to get more business, she will be able to thrive.

Next one is Amla. And Amla is the stereotype of a successful, glamorous realtor. She is in for a lot of years, she has an assistant and agents. But it’s all about her. She is doing all of the business; she always is busy with a hurried activity around her.

And lastly, there is Deepa. Deepa is building an organisation. She is building a team with people who have roles. She has agents and specialists and lead managers. And she is building a business that will eventually run without Deepa.

Now here is what’s interesting.

For all the things that I have done, I realised I had my best successes when I worked with Sheelas. 

I enjoyed the most when I was taking a Sheela and giving her the systems and tools to turn her into Deepa. 

Thus helping her bypass going down the Amla path of just making herself busier and busier.

But I only realised what my sweet spot was when I had all four avatars written down, black on white, in front of me.

So, if you are still not clear who your ideal target market is.

Set aside some time this week and do the avatar exercise above. 

Get clear on all the possible groups of people that exist in your market. 

Then figure out who you want to work with. And what can you do for them that would make a difference.

Because: You can only deliver a dream come true result for people when you know who those people are, and you enjoy working with them.

NOTE: If you want ‘ONLY’ to work with Sheelas then race over here…

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