A salesman replied to email that he was sick and tired of getting pitched.

My reply to him was that he is not actually tired of getting sold but rather he was sick of getting sold badly.

If you are in business, your job is to help people solve their problems or help them get what their little heart’s desire.

And the only way you do that is by selling them.

As you know, I send out a daily email (at least one) and unless I am feeling particularly lazy, I include a pitch in it for something.

This time it’s all about downloading my ‘NEW FREE REPORT’.

[Now if you are reading this, it means either there is a glitch in our system
 OR, horror of horrors, you haven’t downloaded the report as yet. 
Giddy-up cowboy, you are going to miss out on the report]


The problem is NOT over-pitching.

The problem is doing it poorly.

Whenever I send an email, you can bet your bippy, I am selling something however I am also delivering content and hopefully making it entertaining.

Same thing when speaking to sell on the stage.

Look at this email. I have already pitch ‘New Free Report’ twice, er, um, now three times. 🙂


Because I believe in what I am selling.

I am supremely confident that if you want to get quality customers, there is NOTHING better than my Report.

If you have as strong of a conviction about your product or service, sell it with everything you have.

You owe it to yourself, your family, and your customers.

Enjoy your Guruwar.

Note: If you are not a fan of my selling in every email, don’t let it increase your blood pressure Just click the “unsubscribe” link below and all will be well.


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