I am up bright and early this morning and it’s not by choice.

I am doing delivering a speech in Suba International, Mumbai, woke up about at 4:00 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I decided to write to you ranger.

The other day I told you that you needed to create or amplify the feeling of dissatisfaction in your audience.

Today, I am going to give you a tip about how to do that.

It can be explained in one word: “Contrast”.

You want to contrast how their life and circumstances are now to how they could be.

It’s the proverbial greener pasture’s pitch and it works on almost everyone.

In every coaching group I have ever conducted, everyone wants to be in everyone else’s business after they hear about it because it sounds so much better than the business they are currently in!

A powerful way to use contrast is by future pacing your audience. You paint a vivid picture through story-telling, case studies and testimonials about how life COULD be for them – if they buy your product or service.

You might have heard of this technique but most people don’t follow up future pacing by bringing their audience crashing back to the reality of their current situation.

When you do a good job of making people live in a reality better than their current one and then rip them out of it, their dissatisfaction is intensified.

What I just told you is pure gold.

Figure out how to use it in your next presentation and watch your sales soar.

Have Gee mein Gee!

Ashish “Sleepless in Suba International” Pawar

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