The Success Triangle

Today I enter the digital world as we all know as “Blog”. I know I might sound like a stone-age person as I have entered this digital world after more than a decade. I was first introduced to this kind of world by my web designer when I first met him.

I believe it’s a fantastic tool for an individual or group to share opinions, information, public relation, marketing, and even to make money.

So here I am writing my first blog.

I know there’s a lot written about success and the way success is achieved. I have been a student of success since my childhood, now the reason I became a student of success was that my childhood was not so lavish.  So what gives me the right to write about success is because I followed its foot step and have done reasonably OK for myself.

Here are my learnings from the teachers I followed:


Internal Communication:    

I believe that the quality of your life is quality of your internal communication. This is the key. The Master Key that I found which unlocks the massive potential hidden in every human being. So have positive self talk. Break away from self limiting beliefs. Follow a philosophy that always moves forward.   

External Communication:

Well you must have heard this phrase “what you are inside, it shows outside”. If internal communication is of positive self talk then the external communication will also be positive. The words that you exchange with family, friends, colleagues, and subordinates will be of a positive nature. If you are in sales then no matter what the outcomes the communication will always be positive.

Technical Know How

Now this one is a good one, I believe all of us need to know the TKH (Technical Know How). When I started my career, it was in sales, there were only three things given to me business card, product brochure, and Mumbai. After surmountable failures that I realized that there is definite process of selling. So I started to learn the buying cycles and selling cycles post which I was never the same.

So there it The Success Triangle hope you benefit from my experience.

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