Rocky, the original one, is my all time favorite movie. It was the first movie I watched that actually made me feel something.

I remember the scene the night before the fight. Rocky is lying in bed with Adrian. He tells her that he knows he can’t beat Apollo but if he can just go the distance he will prove to himself that he is not a bum.

Then there is a quick edit to the night of the fight.

I remember feeling so excited and nervous at the same time. The movie moved me on a deeply emotional level.

What a gift!

The subsequent Rocky movies didn’t pack the same emotional punch as the original in great part because they didn’t feel real. Although entertaining, they became comic strips of themselves.

If you want to emotionally move an audience – and if your interest is selling them your product, service or idea, this better be a priority, then you need to be real.

You need to be an amplified version of who you really are on stage. You need to be authentically you.

Many people, who train speakers, try to make their students a clone of themselves. This is appealing to the student because they think: “if I am just like Mr. X, then I will get the same results as Mr. X”.

They are then sorely disappointed when they don’t get the expected results.

Your audience can feel when you are trying to be someone else. And if they sense you are inauthentic, they are not going to buy from you.

Certainly learn from others but them take what you have learned and use it to be more of who you are. Do this and you immediately be more comfortable and your sales will definitely improve.

I just realised that I never got around to making my point about the NEW Rocky movie. I will do that tomorrow. Cross my heart.

Having Gee mein Gee!

Ashish “Rocky”  Pawar

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