Hey, it’s me again and today I want to talk about Credibility.

It’s absolutely critical that you quickly build credibility with your audience. It’s something that you need to do throughout your talk.

By the time you have finished speaking, the audience should be 100 percent grateful to you for agreeing to share your knowledge with them.

When that happens, they can’t wait to buy your products.

Building credibility starts right at the beginning of your talk. One of the first things that I do at a talk is show the audience the proof of my success.

When I walk out on stage, I bring with me a giant file of “proofism” that I have got from my happy customers of Mega Success System For Speakers.

I don’t want the audience to believe that my system results were a one-time stroke of luck. If they believe that, they won’t buy my System (http://headway2success.com/mega-success-system/addtocart.php); they will buy a lottery ticket instead and hope for the best.

I want them to understand that my system can bring them as much success as they want. To do that, I practically drown them in proof.

Of course, I also try to make it entertaining. I want the audience looking forward to my next speaking success… and imagining their own.

And at the end whatever it may be, I make it clear that there is a whole stack of Proofism that I didn’t even touch on. If anyone wants to see for themselves, they are welcome to come up and take a look.

That’s another kind of audience test. If someone does decide to take a look, that’s a good sign that I haven’t won the entire audience.

By the time they have finished looking through the pile though, they should be convinced – and winning over that skeptic will go a long way towards winning over everyone else too.

When you are preparing your talk, think about what kind of proof you can bring with you to show the success that your system can bring. You will need to find something directly related to your system and find lots of it.

You should also try to weave that proof into a story, in the way that I explain in my “Speaking Driven Business Bootcamp” so that the audience doesn’t get bored when they hear it.

It’s very easy to do – and very effective.

Once you have delivered your proof, you will be ready to move into the meat of the talk.

Have Gee mein Gee!

Ashish “Proof” Pawar

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