Puzzle people, I just don’t get them.

Sitting around a big table with a pile of tiny cardboard pieces is not my idea of fun. (And don’t get me going about board games – oh god.)

Fortunately, getting good at making Money on one-to-many and one-to-one presentations only involves three puzzle pieces.

  1. Create: You need to create a kick-butt presentation. I follow a very specific formula and have a template for doing this. For many people, creation is the most time consuming part of the process because they don’t have a proven formula or template.
  1. Present: Whether you are doing a webinar, an online livecast or a platform presentation, you have to actually present you created. Dumb. But, a subset of “present” is practice and rehearsal. This is where a lot of people fall short because they don’t know how to practice and rehearse.
  1. Promote: The other two pieces of the puzzle don’t matter unless you get people to watch you do your thing. Seems obvious, however there is an important distinction between list building and promoting to your current list.

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Talk tomorrow.

Have Gee mein Gee

Ashish “The Puzzle Hater” Pawar

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