Recently, during a one-to-one consultation, a client asked me how long he should continue to follow up with a lead.

I just jumped out of seat and immediately asked him: what is the average lifetime value of your customer? To which he replied “₹75,000”.

Can you guess what I said after I heard that? I said:

“Keep contacting him until he buys or dies!”

The truth is almost everyone does not contact their clients and prospects anywhere near to this and because of this, they leave huge sums of money on the table.

Remember this: The most expensive part of marketing is acquiring the lead or the client but following up with them costs you paisa.

You need to be contacting your clients and prospects at least once a month. Do this and your repeat business will flourish, your referral business will go crazy and your profits will soar.

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Have Gee mein Gee!

Ashish “Profit Knight” Pawar

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