Today I do want to talk about the psychology of how you get clients to continually come back to you.

Whether it’s getting your prospects and clients to come back to your events or come back to your website, there are specific ways to accomplish this. 

Things you will want to implement ASAP because “returning prospects and customers” are key to growing your income.

Today I will discuss four ways specific to your online marketing. It’s important to…

Understand the difference between the way customers view online and offline media.

The Internet was not created to sell. 

It was created by military as a communication system and was later made available for academic institutions.

The idea was to create a place where people could connect and share information, not to sell.

This what most people do online, they go there to search for information or connect with people on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This means they are in a very different mindset when they read something on your website versus when they read something you have sent to their homes.

Reading a sales letter that came in the post, they may be more relaxed and sitting in their easy chair.

See the example of a sales letter:

Make it simple and easy for them to find the answers they are looking for and don’t waste their time with copy that is focused on branding your product, service or company.

Create specific landing pages.

Online your customers compare prices. Offline they don’t. The truth is online audiences do price comparisons… frequently. This is bad news for you.

To help avoid price comparisons and drive your customers to your website, try sending something offline that drives customers to a specific online landing page that then drives them offline again.

(KEY POINT: drive your audience to a landing page created specifically for your offer. Do NOT send them to your home page and make them search for your offer or you will lose them.)

For example, an offline postcard could drive people to a landing page with a specific low cost or no cost offer that requires them to enter their address to receive a CD, report, etc.

See the example below:

This gets them to raise their hand and say they are interested and gets them offline before you start talking price, thus avoiding the price comparison online.

The next step would be to send them what you promised with an offer to buy your product or use your service.

By taking this approach, you’ll have a captive audience and loyal audience that are more apt to buy.

Have a system for capturing email addresses and use auto-responder emails. 

Another way to get people coming back is to use autoresponder emails. 

There is always a large portion of people who won’t buy your product or service the first time they find you.

Be sure to include an email capture box on your website so you have a way to continue marketing to them.

Then create a series of emails designed to send prospects and customers back to your sales page for your product or service.

Be relevant. Always. 

If you are looking through the section in the newspaper searching for information on ways to market your business, you would expect to see ads about business, travel, and things which aren’t related to marketing your business. 

But online, if you typed in Google, “Ways to market my small business” you would expect to find exactly what you are looking for, right?

Your content on your web pages, in your emails, etc. should be very relevant to what your reader is looking for and not wander off topic. 

Because it’s much easier for people to click away from your website than it is to find another book, magazine or newspaper on your topic. 

This means if you stray they are gone.

Of course these are just four of many things which will help you keep readers returning to you online. 

If you want to be profitable online, you will want to beef up your understanding of the online reader’s mindset. 

Concentrate on learning and using online marketing strategies that make it simple for you to not only capitalise on this audience, but keep them coming back for more.

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