I frequently get emails from people asking me why their funnel isn’t working.

I always ask the same question back – WHICH part of your funnel isn’t working?

It seems there is a general notion that, if you are not making money or hitting your sales goals, it’s because your entire funnel isn’t working.

This is not the case.

Today’s email is going to be lengthy but if you have a sales funnel offline or online, it’s going to be well worth the read.

So let’s started…

It’s true your need to look at the big picture of your funnel.

But then break it down into it’s building blocks will show you the true picture.

What do I mean by that?

The funnels that I build for my clients often times look like this:

–> PPC Ad (facebook, etc) 

–> Opt-In Page (some say Lead Capture Page)

–> Upsell Sales Page 

–> and Email Marketing Sequence

There are many many places in this funnel that influence the success or failure of this campaign.

So, let’s look at them one by one.

–> PPC Ads

We are going to be using Facebook ads as an example here, but really the concepts can be applied to any paid traffic be it offline or online.

So, the first thing I look at when someone tells me that their funnel isn’t working is their Ads CTR (click through rate).

CTR influences cost per click.

The higher the click through rate, the lower the cost per click. 

Plus to me, a high CTR means you have the right message.

That means this message is for the right audience and will impact rest of your funnel’s success. 

In order to get a high CTR I start by asking myself, what is that this audience wants more than anything else? 

And I find a way to give that to them?

In one of my clients niche we created three WhatsApp groups.

And in those groups we asked one very simple question “What is the one tool/ingredient you cannot live without?”. 

This exercise is very revealing and I highly suggest you try it.

The answer to that question in my clients niche was Removing Obstacles from any situations.

So, I set up an ad campaign and an opt-in page for a free giveaway to an eBook on guide to removing obstacles.

And on my upsell page had them consulting on removing obstacles for ₹1,808.00. 

If your FB ad CTR is low, I pause my campaign. 

I stop and I look at two things:

1) Message – 

~ Is you call to action compelling enough? 

~ Are you sure your audience wants what you are using as a lead generation magnet?

~ Why are you so sure?

~ Is it just because you think so or you have actually asked your audience? 

Try asking the question above in groups and modify your message based on the answer.

Ask questions, answer questions. 

Even just 15 minutes a day. 

I guarantee, you will make more money by doing this. 

2) Targeting – 

~ Are you targeting too broadly? 

Don’t be afraid to spend an hour researching your target interests. 

It will pay off big time.

–> Opt-In Page

I won’t go into a ton of detail here. 

On a very basic level you need three things:

1) Congruency with your ad copy:

The call to action on your ad copy should be near identical to your call to action on your landing page.

2) Keep it simple and clear:

Don’t have more than one call to action.

3) Tracking:

Make sure you are tracking how many people are actually opting in. Don’t ball parking anything. This is a sure shot way to lose money.

This page is designed to build interest and desire for your product or service and to get them to opt-in.

Again tracking is key here. 

Very often, I hear people tell me “I had 200 opt-ins, so 200 people have seen my offer but only made 4 sales, it’s not working!”.

This isn’t the case. 

My guess is less than 50 people have seen your offer and that’s if you are doing a ‘decent job’.

On the other hand though – 4 sales out of 50 is pretty good!

You may have thought you had a conversion problem on your upsell sales page.

When in actuality that’s working just fine, you have a opt-in page problem.

See how important breaking down your sales funnel and analysing what’s really working is?

I could talk on this topic till cows come home.

But the most helpful thing when it comes to increasing the performance of your opt-in copy is having a topic that interest your audience.

i.e. have a product or service that your audience actually wants.

–> Upsell Sales Page

Carrying on from what I said above most people come up with an idea for a product not based on market research.

But based on what THEY think is a good idea.

Unfortunately that usually doesn’t cut it.

9 times out of 10 I pre-sell my products which basically means that I sell my product before I create it.

Not only is this better for the customer (takes pressure off of me worrying about if it will sell and allows me to focus 100% on creating a great product).

This process INCREDIBLY informative.

Not only that, I am able to learn, if people are willing to spend money on my product before investing any time creating it.

I am able to learn, reasons people buy, potential objections they have to this product, hesitations, and so much more.

When it comes to creating a product that sells you need to go direct to your audience and ask them what are the problems they are having.

Find the problem, pre-sell the solution. You can get to market faster, with a better product.

Again I could talk about this for days.

But for now, I just want to make you aware of the different areas in your funnel that you could be spending time improving.

It’s not just your ad, it’s the entire sales funnel.

So spend some time breaking down your sales funnel and looking at the different metrics and really figuring out what’s working and what’s not.

This a pretty long email so I am going to leave it at that.

Next week on the same day we talk about Email Marketing Sequence.

Note: Targeting, in other words, identifying your ideal customer is one of the keys in fixing your broken funnel ‘The Art of Getting Customers’ will give you the cheat sheet for just ₹120. Race over here…

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