ATTENTION: Business Owners And Sales Professional Who Are Looking For An “Unfair Advantage” In Their Marketplace…

“How To Quickly Increase Your Sales And Take-Home Profits… With A Time-Tested, Revolutionary SYSTEM For Dynamically Attracting Your Ideal Customers And Clients… Regardless Of What’s Happening In The Economy…

Dear Friend,

If you own any kind of business… or are a sales professional in ANY field… then get ready. Because what you are about to discover in this letter is UNLIKE anything you have seen, read, heard, or possessed before.

And if you are just getting started in business and are a “newbie”, then I am about to prevent you from flushing fistfuls of money down the toilet… and wasting TONS of your time… to the point you want to throw up your hands and give up!

You might have had customers and clients throwing money at you in the past when the economy was bursting at the seams… even though you were totally clueless as to what worked and what didn’t. What marketing strategies to spend your money on… and what to drop? And you were just depending on plain DUMB luck without a fail-safe or a sure-shot navigation system.

But those days are over, my friend.

“Big dumb” companies are starting to haemorrhage profits big time as their sloppy, wasteful “mass advertising” practices are catching up with them. And the “secret cancer” that has eroded so many of these big-name corporations has left them weak, fragile and vulnerable. Their death might be slow due to their size…

…But YOU Could Easily Be Slaughtered!

That is, unless you have a systematic, efficient, and affordable method to target your ideal, high value customers or clients who are ready to give you money over and over again.

Huh, you don’t have a system? Well, you are in luck. Because today is going to be a true life-altering event for you.

Listen: if you are a sales professional, you know that cold calling and cold prospecting is like coal mining, dirty, filthy, ugly work best left to those who must make living by physical labour… rather than with brains.

It can be a soul-swallowing siege that your phone calls getting hung up on all the time, the door slammed in your face, and your follow-up calls ignored. And the customers and clients you DO get literally suck the life out of you… or pinch you to death. Making you wonder if you have “lost it”.

But what if, you could spend more… heck even ALL… of your time selling to IDEAL prospects, customers or clients ready to meet with you…

…Listen to you…

…Accept you as an “EXPERT” advisor…

…And pre-determined to do business with you with absolutely NO price or fee resistance?

Think about what that would do for your life? How well you will sleep at night? And think about the worry that will disappear when you have a proven system to attracting your ideal clients.

Is such a life in selling possible? Especially in today’s “dark-cloud” economy?

YES! And it is NOW more vital than ever!

Why “Brute-Force” Selling Just
Is Not Going To Work These Days

Listen: making a top income through sheer persistence, patience, and thick-skinned immunity to rejection just doesn’t work in this new economy. If you keep reading every single word of this message, I could make your business life more pleasant, lucrative, and FUN. And I could do it virtually overnight—just as I have for tens of THOUSANDS of people.

My name is Ashhishh Pawar. And I want you to check out my more valuable-than-ever System for attracting your ideal clients and customers.

Here is the best part? 90% of the work is already done for you. That’s right I have essentially REMOVED most of the “hard work” you have to do to market your business thanks to my “cut-and-paste” System.

Inspect it, examine it, and try it out. Prove beyond all doubt that this System is life changing and capable of creating HUGE income increases for you.

Believe when I say this – that this System is ENTIRELY RISK FREE. No bull shit…

If you are not “into it”, using it, drawing more from it day after day and that you have to wrestle six pehalwan in langot in a pit of hot coals to keep it… then I certainly don’t want even a single naya paisa of your hard-earned money.

In 7 years of doing this, I have never permitted even ONE person to walk around claiming they wasted their money with me. Get this System. Put it to work. You will know… fast… that it DOES work.

But, if for ANY reason whatsoever, you disagree, you can simply return it and get an instant, full, 100% REFUND.

This isn’t just a bunch of “badi-badi-baatein”. And I am not some “instant expert” who pretends to know what they are talking about. More on that later.

Case Studies Of The System

This System is for progressive sales pros that want top, top level incomes without ulcers and agony… and they don’t want to work for 50, 60 or even 80-hours a week either.

…like an insurance agent who is making over ₹ 60,000.00 a month just with one flyer made on the foundation of this System.

…like an insurance broking executive who is generating leads on consistent basis in business-to-business selling.

…like a part-time real estate agent who closed his first deal without doing any prospecting and made ₹ 75,000.00 as profit.

…like a car sales executive who launched a referral scheme described as-is in this System to create a never-ending pipeline of IDEAL prospects.

…like a part-time speaker who followed the ACE theory to build exceptional credibility for himself.

The profiling is endless…

This System is for business owners that are EAGER to do BIG things and explode their profits and DO NOT want to plateau their business ever, no matter what the economic condition is.

…like one of the top handwriting improvement expert who made ₹ 1,00,000.00 built on the solid foundation of this System and has been a client of mine from the beginning.

…like bollywood top coach who gets 1200 people in his seminar by implementing LEAD GENERATION strategies described in this System.

…like motivational strategist who runs 100 successful seminars across India with 200 people in the room in each seminar.

…like the tiffin service owner who dominated the market in Gwalior the very first time she used my system.

…like a start-up website design company with no credibility and clients, to get a contact of ₹ 1,00,000.00 in just two months.

…like a start-up franchisor who went from 4 to 140 operating locations in less than 18 months, using this kind of system.

The profiling is endless…

So, What The HELL Is This System?


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It’s a set of ground-breaking, practical strategies that I have “USED” from the direct marketing industry. Best part… this stuff can be use in ANY type of business. Large or Small.

None of this is “the same old wine in a new bottle”. Whatever and whichever seminars you have attended past, whatever and whichever you have read and regurgitated in a zillion books, whatever you think you know “WILL” be challenged.

You will discover a different, better, sensible, more productive path to business growth (regardless of the economy) by attracting ideal new customers or clients.

Think about it. Having “HERD” of customers and clients come to YOU… without you having to chase them with humiliating cold calls and cold prospecting.

Just imagine how much happier you will be. Think about waking up in the morning with a smile on your face… and not a frown or grimace knowing you are in for another day of struggle and futility.

Now you might say…

“Will Dynamic Marketing Work In My Business?”

The answer is a big YES! There is something for everyone. These strategies are proven in over 356 products, services, businesses, industry, and profession categories, consolidated here into 5 categories:

Service Businesses
Professional Practices

That said, some of the biggest and best breakthroughs are best found “outside the box” of your particular business and field. So every example in this system can apply, and one “unlikely” example might be “The One” to light the biggest fire you have ever seen in your sales.

Every business fits one of these Sections of the Toolkit, so you will find directly relevant examples of the Dynamic Marketing Strategies for your type of business.



This System is a monster-sized… yet easily usable TOOL-KIT and READY-TO-USE of ready and nearly-ready to use Examples and Samples. This stuff is organised into 7 business categories (I KNOW, it will fit at least one!)… so you are not asked to listen, learn and then left to your own.

Well, I not only show you every strategy actually implemented… I give it all to you as examples you can easily and quickly “tweak” for your own use–including examples marked “COPYRIGHT-FREE” for that exact purpose. This is “what works now” so you are not left to implement outdated, old-fashioned, tired and old sales and marketing ideas. You will be attracting a flood of your ideal customers, clients or patients in no time.

…and a whole LOT more!!

Not only that you will get…,



It’s everything you need for a true Marketing SYSTEM. That means you go to bed at night… every night… knowing not wondering, wishing, praying, hoping… but KNOWING where your next new prospects or customers are coming from… with consistency, reliability and predictability.

DYNAMIC MARKETING system is in sync with the emerging new economy, where customers have more confusing and competing choices than ever. You see, traditional ad media readership is falling and fragmented because people are overwhelmed with communication.

With this System, spending is more measured and thoughtful… with direct, targeted outreach to carefully selected, ideal customers–that is literally the opposite of costly, wasteful mass advertising and marketing.

This System also has “built in” competitive advantage… and ”built-in” price resistance minimisation… setting you apart from all others and letting you sell in a competitive vacuum.

That’s right, you will be able to trust and rely on DYNAMIC MARKETING to achieve your sales goals. It will be your personal client and customer-getting machine!

Dynamic Marketing that is packed start to finish with real world, hands-on examples from multiple industries who dynamically attract their ideal customers, clients or patients at will.

Here I will talk about strategies integral to the Dynamic Marketing which BEATS “traditional” advertising methods. These are strategies are employed for 136 different industries, so you will get many “wow” moments for your own business.

Hang-on there is MORE…


Your Guided Tour To Use Your System to Get Rapid Results

A “Fast Start CD” that focuses on the most powerful and easy-to-implement marketing systems. This also covers how you can get started with Dynamic Marketing so you can start attracting your ideal customers, clients or patients, and gain HUGE momentum that will attract more prosperity for you and your business.

Here Are Just SOME Of The Secret BENEFITS
You Will Discover In DYNAMIC MARKETING That Most
Business Owners And Sales People Will NEVER!

Business-to-Consumer & Business-to-Business target marketing EXAMPLES described in complete detail… UNIVERSALLY applicable and transferable. It would take you tens of THOUSANDS rupees to hire someone decent to do this for you!
Why so many of your ad rupees are WASTED… and how to stop being an advertising victim once and for all (if you have ever hired an ad agency… or are about to… then you NEED to read this!)
A new, breakthrough approach to ATTRACTING top-quality prospective clients or customers to you… even if they are usually resistant to normal advertising, marketing or prospecting
The key to getting past gatekeepers to decision-makers and gaining their favourable attention. This will allow you to shorten sales cycles, secure appointments, and be regarded as an “EXPERT” advisor.
The simple “homework assignment” that will finally empower you to craft and convey an irresistible message about yourself, your product, or service. This makes advertising, marketing, and selling INFINITELY easier once it’s done!
Most Famous “3-Step Sales/Prospecting Letter System” – that works for all those people who say “but my business is different or it will not work in my business.” This is THE breakthrough for TOTAL CONTROL of new customer attraction.
A Simple 1-Step that you can employ right now to determine if you are ad is going siphon leads and sales… or if it’s going to SUCK. (Best part: you can do this before you even spend a penny!)
3 steps to exponentially multiplying your referrals. (Believe me, it’s MUCH easier getting other people to rave about you—and it doesn’t cost you a PAISA!)

You Want Bonuses? You Got Them!
An Incredibly Valuable Fast Action BONUS
You Get For FREE!

I know you are probably bowled over with value right about now. Well, I am going to continue to keep going by offering you even MORE bonuses:

BONUS # 1:


BONUS # 2:


Still Not Satisfied

If you are NOT HAPPY ☹☹☹☹ for any reason or if you are NOT HAPPY ☹☹☹☹ with what I have provided to you within the FIRST 90 DAYS of going through the entire System of DYNAMIC MARKETING. I request you to send the system back to me and I will REFUND (that’s right!) your money WITH-NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED ☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹


From the 91st day to 365th day, if you do not make ₹ 10,000.00 or more in a month. Then post me the copies of at least three strategies that you have used from Dynamic Marketing System that didn’t make any money for you and I will REFUND your money. That’s my PERSONAL “MAA-KASAM” GUARANTEE to YOU! ☹

So How Much Does This Marketing System That
Transforms Ordinary Businesses Into
Money-Generating Machines Cost?

You will be pleasantly surprised. You could certainly spend thousands of rupees having a writer or an ad agency create just one campaign for your business.

You could also build a bank of tools to implement TEN major, highly profitable strategies for getting new customers or clients, not to mention developing improved sales and referrals from present clientele.

But going out to hire someone to get that done could cost you thousands, even tens of thousands of rupees.

Instead of being dependent on others who do not know the intricacies and details of your business or do not intimately understand your customers, you can be fully empowered to implement truly great marketing for yourself.

Any decent copywriter charges at least ₹ 10,000.00 to ₹ 20,000.00 for a single 4-page sales letter. So if you wanted to hire out and create a simple 3-step campaign it could run you at least ₹ 30,000.00 just for one campaign.

But I am not going to charge you anywhere near that high value because I am passionate in helping independent small business owner and the sales professional.


₹ 4999.00


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Now Maybe You Are Asking Yourself…

I am sure you could come up with lots of reasons to wait. Everybody’s instinct is to stop pulling out his or her credit card to spend money. Especially now. You are probably no exception.

Simply put, it’s getting tougher and tougher to get people to pay attention to you. To respond to you. To invite you in. And ultimately, to get out their credit card, debit card, cheque book and buy.

You urgently need different and superior strategies and tools to cut through the clutter and competition. To rise above the weak and panicked discounters who continue to slash their prices.

Dynamic Marketing is not meant to be listened to casually as you drive around on a Saturday morning or doing household chores. Dynamic Marketing is meant to be used for profit.

Let’s face it: the next 5 years are going to go by anyway. Are you going to spend those 5 years worrying about your business and fretting about money 24 hours/day and 7 days/week? Or are you going to spend the next 5 years attracting your ideal customers, clients or patients using a system that many have implemented for their own businesses? You will be on your way to developing a systematic, efficient, and affordable method to target your ideal, high value customers or clients when you order Dynamic Marketing today.

Now is the time to motivate quality prospects and customers to come to you, choose you, trust you and buy from you, even if they are resisting everyone else. I know that when you take action today and purchase Dynamic Marketing, you will be thrilled with the results.


To your success,

Ashhishh Pawar

P.S.: If it hasn’t already occurred to you… by the time you review the specifics of the system… you WILL conclude this is an outrageously generous, very UNDER-priced offer. In today’s world you need to be speaking to our client regularly or they WILL forget us, plain and simple. The Dynamic Marketing System will give you start you need to keep in regular contact with your client and help turn them into regular repeat buyers and champions of your business. Take advantage of this risk FREE offer right now.


₹ 4999.00


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