The other day, something Gary Halbert wrote triggered a profound memory…

Gary talked about how we all have certain “self-sabotage” behaviours.

This made me remember a conversation I had with one of the participants in my seminar…

The seminar was packed with “players” who had spent their money, and more importantly, their time to continue learning how to market their business better.

It was a great opportunity to meet, network and talk with mega-successful people who are so open to sharing their wisdom and secrets to success.

Anyway, after the seminar, the owner of a big franchising company said the following to me…

“I give all of my people a blueprint for how they can be successful, but when I get back home, I am going to create a blueprint for how people can fail at their business as well. This way, they can check both blueprints and see if their behaviors are leading them down the road to success or the road to failure”

Isn’t that a great idea?

We are always talking about what to do to be successful, but we don’t always talk about the behaviors that lead to failure.

And part of becoming successful is eliminating the bad behaviours.

Of course, if you don’t know what those are, it’s hard to get rid of them, right?

Here are some of the top behaviours that lead you to frustration, struggle and even failure:

1) Not Investing In Lead Generation:

A business without a list isn’t a business. EVERY business should have a strategy for capturing names—not just from people who have purchased your products or services, but for prospects as well.

Each new name acquired is a “gateway” to new business, repeat business, and referrals you wouldn’t otherwise have.

You can create the greatest marketing campaign in the world, but if you don’t have a list of prospects to send it to or are unwilling to spend money to build a list, you are dead in the water.

2) Investing Too Heavily In One Strategy:

Too often I see business owners use only the Internet for all of their advertising.

Even worse, is using just one Internet strategy—like only sending emails, or only using Pay Per Click to drive traffic to their site.

This is an error of EPIC proportions. I admit I have even fallen into only using the Internet myself, but I guarantee you it’s not a trap I will fall into again.

3) Not Knowing Who Your Ideal Target Market Is:

Mediocre marketing aimed at a very well selected target market will get superior results.

However the best marketing message in the world aimed at a poorly selected target market will get you mediocre results at best.

You can’t expect to effectively craft a powerful marketing message to attract your ideal customer, client or patient, if you don’t first have a very clear picture of who that person is.

Clearly define who it is you are catering to, first. Then craft your message.

4) Not Knowing How To Sell:

The most successful people I know are also master salespeople. If you don’t know how to sell, you are going to continue to struggle.

In fact, in How To Become Sales Ninja [coming soon], I have discussed the ONE thing you must never do that incredibly 99% of all business owners do that creates a huge obstacle to selling.

Once people remove their selling obstacles, not only do they see their profits soar, but they speed up the sale and stop competing for business too.

5) Not Taking Action:

You can think about getting rich all day long, but unless you DO something, customers are not going to magically appear and start giving you money.

Worry less about failure and just get moving.

The reality is the men and women of ACTION are the ones who are the wealthiest.

So ask yourself, how many of these behaviours are you exhibiting?

Focus on eliminating them this year and you will go a long way towards removing much of your frustration and struggle in your business.

NOTE: Another One Of The Top Behaviours That Lead To Failure Is Not Investing In Continuing Education And Coaching.

The most successful people I know are constantly investing both time and money in learning.

I have heard people say, “Well he is rich so he can afford to go to seminars, hire coaches and buy products”.

But the truth is that a person is successful because they invested time and money in training, coaching and education BEFORE they had the money to invest.

Can you imagine someone wanting to get hired and paid as a doctor without investing in the education and training necessary first?

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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