We are sitting in Pizza Hut, Infinity, Malad we are hoping that our pizza, meal for 4 comes in 15 mins.

Naturally, if there is any chance of that pizza not coming in time, Pizza Hut team member will say, “No, your pizza is taking time”.

“No” is a powerful word…

…and we should be using more often with prospects who we either don’t want to work with or who should not be working with us.

Almost all sales training is focused on getting the prospect to say “yes”.

“Yes” is an important word for sure. 

Without “yesses” we are out of business.

But telling the prospect “NO” is empowering as well. 

It represents our thinking about scarcity and abundance. 

The ability to say “NO” and mean it, puts you in the position of strength in any negotiation.

Being able to say “NO”, and mean it, means you are not needy. 

And not being needy is powerful.

Understand that I am not telling you to use “NO” as a technique but rather as a way to be effective and ethical when closing sales.

Hey, maybe you are not the right person to help your prospect. 

Perhaps a competitor is. Why not tell the prospect that?

Sure, it’s not easy when you need the money. 

Years ago, a prospect of mine, who could afford a ₹45,000 service I was offering, was angry when I told him that I wasn’t the right person to help her. 

I must admit, I was hesitant to say “NO” because I needed the money. 

But it was the right thing to do, not only for my prospect but for me.

Okay, supposedly we are getting our pizza soon. We will talk tomorrow.

Note: If you are a serious student of sales and marketing and love what you do, and want to serve more people, then you are the person that will have the ‘MIDAS TOUCH’ 

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