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to you and your family. May this year you generate more leads than ever and make more profits.

Talking of lead generation made me think about mistakes businesses make when doing lead generation promotions…

Prospects don’t respond to your lead generation letters when they feel you aren’t solving their problems or challenges.

Here are a few simple remedies that WILL put an end to your prospects feelings of rejection and garner you a much better response:

1) Remember, it’s not about you.

Spend most of your time talking about what your prospect cares about.

When you create a sales letter to promote yourself, your product or your service, it’s important to remember that your prospect isn’t interested in you, your product or service.

What they really want to know is what’s in it for them.

The rule of thumb is to spend a very small amount of time (only about 10% of your sales piece) talking about yourself.  You do this to establish your credibility and trustworthiness.

Spend the rest of the time talking about what your prospects care about—which is their problems and challenges. Once you have discussed these, tell them how your product or service is the solution they are looking for.

2) Make a valuable offer.

Lead generation is an important component to growing your business.

It’s very common for these types of promotions to say something like, “For a free information package” or “for more information”.

But using the words “more information” may come across as you are only concerned about—making the sale—instead of what your prospect cares about.

Instead of saying “more information”, try offering a free report, free e-book or complimentary introductory kit (shock and awe box).

This will still contain many of the same items as your “more information” would such as samples and information about your product, but is more appealing for a prospect to respond to.

Tip: To discover what to put into your introductory kit or report, try getting on forums, social media sites and other places where you can survey people about what questions they want answered.

3) Use a headline, not your logo, at the top of the page.

 A common mistake is to put your logo and branding at the top of a sales letter or to use letterhead when contacting prospects.

Again, this says the focus is on you instead of on your prospect.

The most valuable real estate is at the top of your letter. Use it to put a headline that will have a powerful impact and dictate whether or not your prospect continues reading.

Here is something else – and it’s extremely important.

Don’t use “wish washy language” at the end of your letter. Don’t say things like, “If you are interested in finding out about ten ways you can ensure you will be prepared for retirement, call us at +91 12345 67890

Instead, use authoritative language when it’s time to make your call to action. Tell your reader what to do.  For example, say, “Complete the enclosed reply card and send it today to receive your free report on The Financial Planner’s Ten Secrets to Retiring Early”.

Follow these three tips in your lead generation promotions and more people will take you up on your offer the first time.

Not only that, but you will find subsequent offers will be more successful because your prospect will look upon you as someone concerned about their problems and challenges and not just another marketer trying to sell something.

Have Gee mein Gee!

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