Many marketers make the mistake of putting too much focus on creating new products to sell to their existing customers, clients, or patients.

I gave a several tips to my private clients that allowed them to almost instantly add to their sales.

Here is Raghav (one of my private clients) in his own words:

“The most powerful one that I could quickly take advantage of was to take my existing sales channels and find related products and services to sell to my existing clients. This enabled me to quickly ramp up sales in an area that did not require any additional personnel, no lead generation, and much easier sales to a proven client that already bought from me. Thank you, Ashish”

One way to do this is to go for the immediate upsell.

Hardly any businesses go for the immediate upsell, but when you do, 20% of your prospects will say “YES”!

Take McDonald’s for example… they will ask you, “Would you like fries with that?” when you go in to buy a Big Mac.

Coming up with your own list of upsell questions will give you the opportunity to offer an immediate upsell directly after a customer makes a purchase from you…

…but you should go even further.

Add a follow-up email campaign to keep the conversation going with your customer.

I have always stressed the importance of follow-up, but this also goes for upsells too.

For instance, you could offer to send a free CD or DVD of a live presentation you did which compliments your product or service or that demonstrates how to use your product or service.

Then include an upsell offer with the free item.

So immediately brainstorm what else you can offer your customers, clients, or patients immediately after they buy from you.

In other words, you don’t even have to create another product!

Note: Get the most highly-targeted, ready-to-buy customers for your business and don’t waste your time on those who love to complain about everything under the sun.

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