Morning, partner!

Your fearless leader is about to bestow upon you some sage advice about how to create a sales surge for fun and profit.

So, hustle up to the table and lend me your ear.

The cheapest, fastest way to generate a sales surge is to implement a lost customer reactivation campaign.

Yes raje, if you have been in business for any length of time, you have customers, clients, or patients that for one reason or another, stopped doing business with you.

The reasons don’t matter.

Although it probably has to do without you contacting them enough, what matters is there is GOLD in that list of past customers.

And if you just put together a simple campaign, you can mine trucks full of it.

Here is what your campaign should look like:

  • Send a direct sales letter (or postcard).
  • Send a follow-up email.
  • Follow-up with a phone call.
  • Use Facebook ads to target them.

Do that, and you will be collecting in ₹upiyas faster than “Rajnikant” could draw his gun.

Of course, you need to create all the materials, and there are details you obviously need to know. 

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