In these uncertain times, I have quadrupled the sales to one of my programs…

Despite the fact that no one was making sales calls… creating emails… sales letters… or other sales materials to send out.

And it wasn’t done by selling from the stage either.

It’s not the first time I have done this, because as you can imagine, I have to be out of the office quite a bit, believe it or not…

We all like to take a day off once in a while. (Shhh, don’t let anyone know.)

That’s not always possible when you have your own business though…

Especially if you are a solo entrepreneur.

Cause, if you stop, the money stops.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, many business owners don’t realise that there is a way to put something in place that doesn’t take any more effort than what they are currently doing, yet sets them up to do LESS in the future.

So today I want to give you a simple system for automating your business, so you can make money WHILE you away.

You can do this whether your business is offline, online or a combination.

It doesn’t matter whether you sell services or products or a mixture of both. ANY business can generate income.

Step One: Pick a strong product or service to promote.

While you can use this to test products and services, my recommendation is that you pick a product or service which is one of your BEST and BEST-SELLING products or services and promote that. Something that appeals your target audience.

Step Two: Create a free report.

Create a free report that relates to the service or product you are selling. For example, let’s say you are cosmetic dentist and treats gum disease.

You might create a report about how gum disease is linked to systemic disease and the warning signs you should look for.

Then create a page on your website where you can drive traffic to download your free report.

Step Three: Create a compelling offer.

At the end of the report, you will want to make some sort of offer. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

~ Offer another free source of information such as a webinar, etc…

~ Or you can go ahead and make a special offer for the product or service that will help them solve the problem you discuss in the free report.

Keep in mind, even the webinar can be pre-recorded so that you don’t have to do it live.

Step Four: Create autoresponder emails.

Write 3-4 emails that will drive your list to your free report and schedule them to go out automatically, either one a day or 1 or 2 days apart at the most. Dynamic Email Marketing Tool-Kit will help you to do this.

The key to these messages is NOT to sell the product or service you are offering, but to sell your customer on getting your free report and the benefits they will derive from reading it.

Step Five: Set up automatic follow-up.

After your prospects or customers download their free report and read your offer, you will want to have an automatic follow-up set up.

(I recommend using a system like Zoho Campaigns, Workflow feature to set up your follow-up sequences.)

The first thing to do, whether they take your offer or not, is to thank them for downloading your report and reiterate the benefits they will receive for doing so.

If they did not take you up on your offer, it may be that they didn’t read your report or didn’t make it all the way through it and never saw your offer.

So make the offer again.

Once they take you up on your offer, make sure you have a way to immediately fulfill your offer or at least give confirmation with specific details about when they will receive their order.

Going back to our example, let’s say the prospect signs up for the webinar. You will want to confirm their registration for the webinar with an access link to it.

If the webinar is at a later time, which I recommend, it’s a good idea to send reminder emails.

Obviously if the product they bought is something physical that has to be shipped to them, you will need them to give you their address.

However, if the product is something they download or a service that doesn’t require their address, you should still try to get their address.

You could do this by offering to send them a printed copy of your free report or a DVD or CD of your webinar or seminar.

Step six: Repeat steps 3-5 if you have a two-step offer.

In case if you offer more free information, you will want to use the same steps for the second free piece of information to get the best results.

Then sit back and watch orders flow in.

And that’s it!

The best part is that once you have this system in place, you can keep re-using it for new groups of prospects as they filter into your list.

You can also tweak it, make your sequence even better and use it as a lead generation piece for your business or with affiliates.

Either way, setting up an automatic system that you don’t have to monitor while you are away, is a great way to continue making money without have to do a thing.

Have Gee mein Gee!

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