Justin Bieber cancelled his tour.

Justin has more money than God and will be just fine, and, in fact, might financially do BETTER even though his shows are not selling out.

This brings up two important points.

The first is pricing.

You need to price your products or services based on the value to your target market and what they can pay. 

For example, I was to sell an info-product on marketing to small business owners for ₹3117 while other people were selling marketing courses to cosmetic dentists for ₹27,750.

The info was about the same, but the value and what the target markets could afford was much different.

The second point is to sell premium priced products.

If you sell premium priced products or services, you will might make fewer sales but a whole lot more profit.

That ‘tis your lesson for the day, grasshopper.

Note: Speaking of pricing… I am giving you a customised sales funnel at a throw away price. Race over here… before 24th June 2022, midnight 

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