Hello lone ranger.

My presentation yesterday at one of client’s event (which was very impressive) rocked.

Today, I am going to give you some “magic” words you can use to amplify up your closing percentage.

What I am about gift to you is pure gold and has helped me sell lakhs of rupees worth of products and services. It’s simple and powerful. Here it is…

The (name of your product or service) is designed to (major BENEFIT to your prospect.)

Here is word for word how I use this when selling my Dynamic Marketing System & Toolkit:

The Dynamic Marketing System is designed to…

Give you the business of your dreams. Now what do I mean by that? The Dynamic Marketing System is designed to generate a flood of prospects who are pre-disposed to work with you and pay your fees.

The Dynamic Marketing System is designed to at least double your closing percentage – so you know with full confidence that when you  meet with a prospect either in person or by phone, they are going to invest in your product or service, if what you have to offer them is right for them.

The Dynamic Marketing System is designed to give you the confidence and skills to raise your fees so you are getting paid what you are really worth.

The Dynamic Marketing System is about giving you the income, profit, freedom and flexibility you wanted when you started out in your business.

That’s what’s it designed to do.

Hop on here: http://headway2success.com/dynamic-marketing

Crazy powerful, huh.

Use it and prosper.

Have Gee mein Gee!

Ashish “He Sends The Most Valuable Emails On The Planet” Pawar

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