When was the last time someone tattooed your company logo on their bicep?

I am guessing, it was never.

Yet there are brands that have created communities that go to extremes… like Apple Fans who get in line the day before the newest release or Harley Davidson riders who wear their logo on the suit… aka, a branded tattoo.

So the question is…

How do you move your customers from transactional relationship into your herd or your list? (Hint: it’s more than giving them a sticker with your logo on it.)

Inspired by a discussion that I had with a client of mine, in today’s post, I share 3 tactics to retain customers and attract new ones that are even more profitable.

  • Focus on the transformation, not the transaction.

Instead of describing your products, programs and services, describe how your product, programs, and services are transforming the lives of those you work with and those who are using it.

  • Make your clients, customers, members or patients celebrities.

I have seen business owners make a big noise about their product or service or their offers but they fail to realise that it’s NOT about a product or service or offer, it’s ALWAYS about a Customer.

  • Focus on what they want. Not on what you sell.

What is it that your target marketing is really looking for? Go find it out at a deeper level. Like an emotional movie making you cry, like that deep.

Have Gee mein Gee!

Ashish Pawar

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