How Do You Set Goals?

That’s what one of my private clients asked me.

One thing I said was to always re-consider adding new items on my “goals list”. I don’t like about my business or life that perpetually bug me, create stress, waste time, and gets in the way.

It is easier to pull weeds than to grow flowers.

One thing I didn’t say that I do regularly is, “What can I do better to be better?” Many people attempt the blank slate, blank page, fresh approach. Beginning with: what they want.

Personally, I have lots of carry-over from month to month and year to year.

Work in progress, projects in progress, goals I haven’t hit on time. In fact there are a few lingering frustrations. Unmade decisions. So I have a carry-over list.

Yes! Fortunately there is a really big ‘Done’ list too.

Some people use the calendar heavily, as I do. For me there are lots of dates blocked off way in advance, all the way through any given year. This leaves a limited number “empty” to be thought about.

The empty ones are divide by – weeks, months, quarters, the halves, to note the goals to be accomplished by each end-point. I might add,

I rely very heavily on ‘deadlines’ to get myself motivated to work, to write, to produce.

Some people categorise: Business, Personal, Family, Money, Health, etc. I use this as the prime structure; it’s the first approach I learned in goal setting.

Speaking of goal setting I have written a program called as “The Conqueror: A Powerful System That Achieves Extraordinary Goals” which is has my PERSONAL FIVE-STEP goal achieving system.

Here is the link for it:

Most significantly, this isn’t a once a year exercise, like ‘new year’s resolutions’. It is an on-going, continuing, nearly daily process.

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