You know you need quality leads to have a sustainable business. The question is what’s the best way to get the leads?

When I first started selling Citibank credit cards, the “experts” emphasized cold-call prospecting. “It’s a numbers game”, they would say.

They were right, the more cold calls I made, the more sales I made.

The problem is that cold-calling is DIRTY, UGLY, GRUNT work. Rejection, after rejection, after rejection. Plus, it took a lot of time.

I knew there must be a better, more efficient way to generate leads.

And then I discovered the power of lead generation.

Once I implemented lead generation my career not only took off.

I was also having more FUN because I wasn’t getting rejected and leads were pouring in on autopilot.

Here are the four key ingredients all of your online and offline lead generation methods must contain.

1.    An attention grabbing headline

The headline is the ad for your ad. It’s what gets your prospects to sit up and take notice. Your name or logo does not qualify.

2.   An offer – a reason for people to respond NOW

Dan Kennedy calls this a “lead generation magnet”. It’s an indispensible tool that allows you to followup.

3.    A call to action

Tell your prospect specifically what you want them to do. It could be calling you directly, going to your website to get a free report or both.


Because the majority of your prospects are not ready to buy now but might be ready in the future. By offering a free report, you capture lead and can follow-up with them.

4.   Tracking

You need to know what lead generation methods were working and which ones aren’t? You need to know your cost per lead. This information helps you make informed decisions about where you should be investing my lead generation rupees.

I suggest you carefully look at all your lead generation materials and see if they meet the criteria listed above.

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