Complete Step-By-Step Formula To Create An Awesome Lead Generation Magnet – Part 2

The on Thursday I sent the part – 1 of creating an awesome lead generation magnet and today is part – 2. Here we go…

A specific call-to-action as to what you want the prospect to do next, now that they have gone through and reviewed the material you have provided.

Okay, now it’s time to lay the foundation for what you will put in your LGM.


When you create your LGM you should have one specific action that you want the prospect to take in mind. That is the outcome you want to achieve.

There are many goals you could have that you want them to do:

  • Give your office a call to set up an appointment
  • Fill out a questionnaire and then have them email that to you
  • Go to a website to make a purchase
  • Fill out and return a print order form

But the bottom line is that you need define exactly what ONE action you want them to take. A confused prospect will never take positive action.

You must be clear in your own mind as to what you want them to do before putting down anything into your LGM script.

So first, decide what you want them to do. In most cases, it will be to read the Sales Letter included with the LGM…


A critical, key element in building this relationship between yourself and your prospects is your story.

Having a great story that touches both the hearts and minds of your prospects is critical.

Sure, you can try to sell programs and services to people you don’t relate to and who don’t relate to you.

But that is a guaranteed road to pain and frustration. Instead, you want to take people by the hand with whom you already share very much the same joys, fears, frustrations, and dreams.

You have a story to tell too. And you need to put your story down on paper in a simple, direct, and emotionally compelling way. The key here with your core story, although you are telling it about yourself, it must completely relate to what’s going on in the life of the listener.

You are one of them. The prospect must see or hear the story and says to themselves, “I got it, that’s me!”

That’s what makes this successful.


Here are some of the core elements that your story must include:

  • Some pain, because if there is pain involved so much the better. The pain of losing clients. Struggling with bills and debt. Working at a job you despised. Pile on the pain.
  • Frustrating effort spent wasting time and money on stuff that didn’t work. Hammer home how tough it was and how much garbage you had to go through in your quest for success.
  • A Eureka moment where you finally “got” what it takes to succeed. Only after huge investments of money, time, energy, pain, failures, etc. did you FINALLY uncover the real systems for success.
  • A complete transformation to you. After applying what you finally discovered after painful trial and error, you are now reaping the rewards and doing exactly what you wanted in a way that’s personally and professionally fulfilling.


This is where you come up with teaching points you will cover in the LGM. As part of your research into your ideal customer you went through problems kept them awake at night, caused them pain, frustrated them daily… that kind of thing.

Get into their heads and come up with 3-5 problems that you can promise to solve with the information in your LGM.


Now you need to nail down your solutions to these problems. And what you write here should perform multiple purposes:

  • Actually provide a bit of value to them in solving their problem.
  • Set the “Buying Criteria” in your favor… so when they see the sales letter, it’s clear that you are the one and only logical choice to makep in getting these problems solved!
  • Point to specific features / benefits in your WIDGET that match up perfectly to solve these Challenges.


The biggest secret to making your LGM as powerful as possible is to give it an appealing, benefit- oriented title and subtitle that makes a BIG Promise. For ideas look at the top selling books… or go to Flipkart / Amazon and see what’s hot there.

For example, one of the free report I created for my client – 7 Primary Reasons Your Child Says Don’t Make M Write is way better than simply saying, “Get my free report on handwriting.”

So having a powerful, attention-grabbing title is critical. You will want to think up at least 7 different options for a KILLER title. Let them sit a day or so. Then nail down which one you think best.

If you have followed the above steps you should have laid the foundation for a really effective Lead Generation Magnet.

Have Gee mein Gee!

Ashish “God of LGM” Pawar

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