Maa Kasam, you are leaving ‘bunch of ₹upiyas on the table every time you make a sale. 

But not to fear, because Ashish Pawar is here.

I want to discuss a little adventure and what happens once you get to the restaurant. 

You are about learn an often overlooked moneymaking gem.

First, finding the restaurant is no easy task. It’s in a ordinary building with a tiny sign.

Once in, you walk down a dark hallway towards a neon sculpture on the wall at the other end.

Two doors automatically slide open into the restaurant, and you are warmly greeted by a staff member and escorted to your table.

The restaurant is designed in an elegant, modern, minimalist way.

There is typically something unique on the table that comes into play later on in the meal. 

The waiter greets you and briefly talks to you about what you are going to experience. Then the magic happens…

He asks you if you would like the wine pairing with your dinner.

Unless you don’t drink, you automatically say “yes”. Then, without pressure and with total graciousness, he inquires if you would like to get the deluxe wine pairing. 

These pairing significantly increase the size of your bill – in some cases by as much as 75 to 80%. 

It’s magic.

Think about it: You have already made a reservation by paying ₹1,750 a person, two-months in advance. 

That money has already been spent. 

So, when you are asked if you like to include a wine pairing, you are answer is almost a reflexive “yes”. 

Restaurants, first use a cross-sell, “Would you like to include a wine pairing?” followed by an immediate upsell, “Would you like to get the deluxe pairing?”

(And just for the record, a cross-sell is selling an additional product after your prospect buys something. An upsell is when a prospect buys and upgrade version of the main product.)

Remember our Maa Kasam? 

How many upsells and cross-sells do you currently have when you make a presentation? 

How many do you have in place after the sale has been made and the product has been delivered? 

My guess is, not enough.

So, what are you going to do to remedy that situation?

Make it a great week and as always…

NOTE: Do you want to learn how to do cross-sell and up-sell so that you don’t have leave money on the table. Race over here…

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