The gift of learning the truth about sales and how to sell without using uncomfortable closing tactics.

Is the key nowadays because, “prospects chased, runs away”.

Ponder that for a minute. (I will wait.) I suggest frame it and put it on your office / home wall.

Here are a few truths I have learned about selling:

#1     Nobody is a “natural born” sales person:

When I first started selling, the only advice my sales manager gave me was to “Go get them”. That’s the mantra for most of the people. 

Yet, somehow people think they are supposed to be able to run out and sell. 

When that doesn’t happen, or if they get too many rejections, they think they are no good at it. 

But the truth is nobody is a natural born sales person.

That’s good news for you because it means selling is a learnable skill that anyone can master given the right tools and strategies.

#2     A lot of sales tactics don’t work anymore:

Sales is a popular topic to write about. You will find everything from “how to prospect” to “how to close the sale”. 

The problem is, you will find a lot of information outdated or worse, just flat out unproven.

This is partly because publishing content no longer requires fact-checking and an editor.

The absence of these quality control devices means there is simply a lot of wrong information being dispersed.

In addition, people have become immune to many sales tactics rendering them no longer effective. 

These days you need a more sophisticated set of tools to attract prospects and close sales.

#3     It’s dumb to do something without preparation or plans:

When I was starting out, no one gave me a sales script to use or taught me to prepare in advance on what to say and in the order to say it. 

Sure I knew all the information about the product I was trying to sell. I could answer questions about it until the cows came home.

But I didn’t script out what I was going to say or think about how to orchestrate the conversation so that I could build momentum to the sale.

Without scripting I was leaving my sales to chance and letting my prospect decide where the conversation should go.

Scripting allows you to control the sales process so that you can steer the conversation and get the desired outcome.

#4     Closing the sale should feel more natural:

You hear a ton about how to “close the sale” and can find articles and books with titles such as “101 Ways To Close The Sale”.

The thing is—if you script your message properly, the momentum you build and the objections you eliminate will make your prospect eager to whip out their wallet and buy.

#5     Buying signals are misread:

It’s common for people to send buying signals when they are ready to make a purchase. 

Unfortunately, these are often misunderstood which results in a botched sale instead.

You must learn how to spot buying signals when closing a sale.  

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Bye for now…

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