Years ago, when one of my friends was fresh out of college, I got a job selling newspaper advertising. 

The WWF (now the WWE) was coming to town and he was a wrestling fan.

So he took the initiative to call the corporate offices, and somehow convince the company to advertise in his newspaper.

Man, he was elated! 

He had made a sale to a big account. He told the sales manager and he was also thrilled. 

Before he knew it, he was in the sales department.

And that is when it started going downhill.

He had no sales training and no experience. 

Walking into businesses cold and trying to get the owner to buy advertising space was terrifying. And he sucked at it.

One of the things that made it a horrible experience was that he dreaded getting the objection, “Newspaper advertising doesn’t work”. 

He prayed that the business owner didn’t say that, but many did, and he didn’t have a good answer to it. 

In fact, he never had the same answer twice.

There are two important lessons to glean from true tale of misery:

First, is you need to create a list of ALL objections your prospects could have and script out the answers to them. 

This is a fundamental of selling, but the question is, have you done it?

Second, and this lesson is not so apparent, is to answer the objection BEFORE your prospect raises it. 

Yes, my fine feathered friend, that’s what a pro does!

By the way, it doesn’t matter what form of selling you are engaged in. 

If you are selling from the platform, on a webinar, in a video, with a sales letter, or belly-to-belly, or on Emails.

You should be creating a list of all possible objections, and then weaving the answers to those objections into your presentation.

Do that and your will wallet will become much fatter.

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