Happy Thursday!

Imagine generating a flood of sales or prospects booking consultations every month, like clockwork, with little time investment, and NO MARKETING COST.

Sounds good?

Today’s email has sales surge funnel in it… read or re-read. 

Here is how you do it.

1. Create an irresistible offer for customers and leads. 

The offer can be the same, different, or slightly tweaked for the two lists. 

Note: “Irresistible offer: does not necessarily mean “price” discount. There are multiple ways to do it, but your offer needs to be irresistible.

2. Themed promotion.

Decide on whether you are going to do a themed promotion with a “reason why” you are making the special offer or if you are merely going to use a standard, problem/solution promotion.

3. Write three emails that will be sent to your lists three days in a row. 

Each of these emails should have different sales appeals, reiterate the special offer, include multiple calls to action, and create a sense of urgency with a deadline.

4. Send out the emails and watch the sales roll in.

This is such low-hanging profitable fruit, that’s super-simple to harvest, that not doing it is a SIN.

Adding this sales surge campaign to your business every month will add pure profit to your bottom line with little effort.

I am going to make it ULTRA EASY for you to make it happen because as PART of this month’s “Work With Ashish”

I will teach you precisely how to do it AND give you-fill-in-the-blank email templates.

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