I am off to Mira Road to conduct a half-day private workshop where I will be working with a small group of people on creating their custom sales funnel.

(I will be doing a similar workshop in Andheri tomorrow. Stay tuned for details.)

Here is a scenario that entrepreneurs often face when doing any event:

You are pumped. 

You have had a lot of registrations for your event.

You have already started counting the cash.

It’s showtime.

But wait.

Uh, oh.

Where is everyone? They registered, but most of them are MIA [missing in action].

What happened?

The fact is, the less qualified your registrants are…

…the lower your show-up rate will be…

…and the more you will need to do post-registration to increase that percentage.

Here is a simple checklist for you to follow that ensures you get the highest show-up rate possible:

Get more qualified prospects to register in the first place. You do this will your sales funnel by focusing on who your online event is for, who it is not for, and on a targeted topic for your webinar or live online event.

Amp-up your thank you page. You do this in two ways:

  • First, congratulate registrants, let them know they made a great decision, and resell them on the event.
  • Second, sell them something immediately. I tested this by selling a ₹1600 product. Not only did it produce just a tick under ₹64,000 in sales before the event, but now I had people even more committed to showing up because they bought something.

Have a downloadable handout with fill in the blanks, graphics, etc. that create “open loops” in the registrant’s mind that can only be closed by showing up for your event.

Have a series of email reminders, especially on the day of the event. I like to send three.

Create a series of “micro-training” videos (if you can). These are 3 to 7 minutes in length that go over a specific topic related to the content of the event and resell registrants on showing up.

Deliver a superior online event experience. Yep, this is key. If you deliver no value, are unprepared and unprofessional on one event, the odds of the same person showing up for another one is rare.

Do all these things, and you will notice a significant uptick in your show-up rate, which, of course, will lead to more sales.

NOTE: What are you going to do differently in 2022 to take your business from where it is to where you want it to be? 

Here is a super-simple step you can take now…

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