Today, I am going to share with you the foundational steps that I use to create killer presentations that have resulted in LAKHS of rupees worth of sales for myself and my clients.

If you use that you are about to learn, this one blog post will be the most valuable thing you read all year.

Let’s get right to it:


The goal here is to nail down as closely as possible what we call “an Avatar” for your perfect customer…

… the person who is the absolute “ideal” prospect for your offer…

– someone you can identify, someone you can reach either through your own list or one you buy, someone with whom you have a natural affinity –

through age, occupation, hobby, lifestyle, condition, whatever.


What is your SINGLE greatest magic power as it relates to the problems/pains facing your IDEAL customer?

It’s important to pick a power that’s USEFUL to your prospect.

So let’s say their biggest pain area is, not making money in stock market trading and they are losing money and because of this, they are extremely frustrated. 

In this case, your magic power could be – you can make money in mutual funds, arbitrageurs, hedgers, and derivatives no matter what the market condition is…

AND you know how to transfer this skill to ANYONE with four easy steps!

That’s the important part… not only do you have the magic to solve their deepest heartfelt need, you can literally transfer that magic power to THEM!

So… What do you do that your prospects would find amazing and walk across broken glass to learn the secret to?



Remember that all the components of your offer provide the gasoline that powers the transformation you enable in your prospect’s lives.

Whether it’s making money in stock trading… enabling them to retire at 45 with a boatload of cash that’s safe and secure… or whatever.

Bottom line on offers… look at it and make sure that it’s as powerful and as good as you can possibly make it.

It should be so good … and so perfectly targeted to fit the needs and wants and heal the pains of your prospects that they would be out of their minds to let it slip from their fingers.


Based on finally being able to accomplish the “Magic Power” that you were able to bestow, what is the ultimate outcome/transformation someone is going to experience after going through your product, program or service?

Make sure to include not only the transformation that has occurred, but also go into the difference the change has made to their life.

For instance…

“if I was suddenly able to consistently make money in stock trading, I could quit my low paying job… enter in business with the expectation of success… and best of all, I totally STICK IT to my family and friends who have been ribbing me for years”.

Now THAT’s a result I can’t wait to experience!


The “teaching” part of the presentation is where you give out some “how-to” information – all tied directly to the offer you will make them at end of your presentation.

If you had to come up with 3 to 4 steps for helping your prospect achieve the outcome they desire most, what would those four steps be?


In your killer presentation, you will tell your story of struggle, pain and frustration… which led eventually to success, joy, and fulfillment.

Your story should contain the following elements:

  • When you get started doing, what you are doing?
  • Describe why you started doing what you are doing
  • Use emotional language. Show your passion
  • Identify problems that you had when you got started
  • Then talk about the solutions you looked for to solve these problems… talk about failures you had

Talk about the breakthrough you had that enabled you to turn the corner and help you finally succeed.

Summarise your story in two to three sentences and tie it into the end result your product provides.


You have nailed down all the great elements of your offer – it’s features, benefits, transformational attributes, pricing, guarantee, etc. Now…

To make sure you can clinch the sale, you need to get inside their heads one last time and figure out all the reasons why they would NOT buy your product, program or service?

You want to answer all of your prospects objections during your presentation.

In a future article, I will teach you the different ways you can do that.

But for now, just write down every objection your prospect could have and then figure out how you are going to answer that objection in advance.

So there you have it, the 7 foundational steps for creating a killer sales presentation.

Yes, it is a lot of work but doing the work gives you all the ammunition you need to create an asset that can make you rich.

Very soon I will be conducting a live online class where I will be going in-depth on my step-by-step formula for lead generation. It’s free but space will be limited, so keep an eye on it.

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