“I need help building my list!”

Build Your Customer List The Fastest And The Most Profitable Ways Possible

This is a universal problem that virtually every business owner has and it’s the number one thing we are told by you that you need help with.

This is a great thing for two reasons… first off it tells us you understand the value of a list.

Recently I was in Dadar and went to a restaurant called Jai Hind.
It’s one of my favorite places to eat non-veg (sea shells and bombil fry, and crabs, yummy).

Even though I have been to Jai Hind a number of times, not once have they asked for my information so they could follow up with me directly.

Instead they rely on using high-cost daily deal sites to get customers instead of simply going to their own list. 

Most people aren’t even aware that they need a list.

So simply by asking this question it implies you understand the value of having a list and that’s good news.

Secondly… and really more importantly, it’s a great problem because it’s one that can be solved.

Easily, and in a variety of ways!

Now for the four steps.

1. Create a Stand Alone Opt-in Page:

Too many people make the mistake of driving traffic to their blog/website and hoping that an ad on the right hand side will get people to opt-in, or subscribe to their blog.

In reality, using text throughout the blog article telling people how to subscribe and making a clickable link will convert 10x-15x as many people into subscribers. 

This is sooooo important because if someone finds your blog through a search engine, chances are they may never find it again when left on their own, so you NEED to capture their information the first time they come.

2. Sell Visitors On Why They Should Join Your List: 

Let’s face it. We all get plenty of e-mail so we are really not looking to subscribe to more lists… UNLESS it’s something you are very interested in, something entertaining, or something that will be helpful to you.

For instance if I went to a blog and they said “Sign up to get the latest reviews for the best restaurants in the country, shared with you in a fun and interesting way, and get exclusive notifications of new openings and special promotions in your area!” 

I might subscribe to that because they really “sold” me on why I should subscribe.  Chances are most won’t try and “sell” me on subscribing and simply say “Sign up for our e-newsletter.”  No, thanks.  Not interesting.

3. Split Test Everything!!!

We all know we should test different things in our ads and our marketing but most of us really don’t do this because we are not sure how or what to test.

If you do nothing else first test your headline because this is what determines if people will even read or listen to the next thing you have to say.

If you send out e-mails your subject line should be viewed as your headline.  In a radio, or TV ad it’s the first sentence people hear.

You need them to listen, read, or watch if you are going to convert them into a customer, client or patient so start with testing your headlines.

4. Make Your Opt-in Page Easy To Find!

You don’t want people to need to search to subscribe to your blog, e-mail list, mailing list etc… you need to present it up front and often.

You may think it’s easy to find because you created a button or have a link in your header, but why not have it in multiple places. 

Obviously in this blog, I have used this simple strategy and made it virtually impossible for you to read this without being presented multiple times with the opportunity to check out.

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