I want to share the three rules that I see people getting wrong the most.

Before I do that thought I want to reiterate something you have probably heard before AND is soooooo important to really understand.

Remember… Your headline is an ad for your ad.

It doesn’t matter how stellar your copy is or how wonderful your offer is. If your headline doesn’t pull in your prospect, it DOES NOT MATTER.

Many of the best copywriters in the world spend the majority of their time writing out and testing different headlines.

Simply changing your headline can increase your response rate by 300% or more. 

There are many different formulas for writing good headlines you can use to craft them.

Having said that said, you can still create your own formulas but they must follow a number of rules if you want to maximise your results. 

Here are the three rules I see people breaking most often and it’s costing them thousands or tens of thousands of rupees!

First…Your name as a headline is a deadline.

Don’t use your name or your company’s name as a headline.

So many people say things like “Top Five Reasons to Shop at Ashish’s Cake Shop”.

This will absolutely kill your response when you compare it to a benefit oriented headline like “Top Five Things You Must Look For In A Good Cake Shop.” 

Now there are exceptions to this rule but in 99% of situations, avoid using your name, your company’s name or our product or service in the headline.


Do NOT send out or hand out any piece of printed material, publish a landing page or have any advertisement that does not have a headline. Ever!

If you are interested in making sales and having people actually read or listen to you, then you MUST have a headline.

I would encourage you to go through the promotional letter that you get and see how many ads actually contain a headline.  Most will not.

That’s why most people say getting a 0.1% response rate is good. 

Go to most websites that are running to sell something right now and look for a headline, again, most don’t have this.

This is like sending out an e-mail without a subject line (which by the way is the headline for your e-mail.)

Never…Ever…Ever have an ad without a headline.  Print, online, video, radio, just don’t do it.

Lastly…“Quotation marks around the headline” have been shown to increase response.

Why?  Who the heck knows?  But it works so do it.

I could share my theory here or why it works but in all honesty it really doesn’t matter why, only that it does.

Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t test this…

…but most people aren’t going to test things so use best practices unless you find that for your audience something else works better.

Anyway, start with those three and keep doing litmus testing at all times.

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