Okay, I admit it. I am not a dog lover, but one of my brothers inherited Whiskey when he got married, his wife is a dog lover.

Whiskey is getting old, having some aches and pains, and is limping around a bit.

To help her sister-in-law had a dog acupuncturist come to the house yesterday.

No, I am not kidding.

In fact, I when I came to their house, there was Ginger chilled out with needles in her.

Oh god.

Anyway, it got me to thinking about how a dog acupuncturist could get quality customers to sell his or her products or services.

One of the “objections” I hear most often from business owners is, “My business is different, and I don’t see how direct response marketing would work for me”.


I guess it wouldn’t work if you don’t need to generate qualified leads and don’t care about positioning yourself as the go-to expert for your target market.

Or, if you don’t want to have an automated way to sell your products or book appointments.

Our doggie acupuncturist, could have a hot titled LGM: “Is Your Dog In Pain? Discover How The Ancient Healing Art Of Acupuncture Can Give Dog Instant Relief”.

At the end of the LGM, the call to action would be to book an appointment.


Of course, the key to making this work is to have a LGM that not only educates but gets quality customers and sells.

That’s what I will be showing you how to do in my aptly titled: “How To Get Quality Customers With No Additional Marketing Expense”.


Not only will you learn the fundamentals of getting quality customers, but you will also discover multiple ways on how to get them with no additional marketing expense.

Race over here before 10th September 2022, midnight, so you can get your copy

By the way, I found a business card after the acupuncturist left. It was for a “dog physio”. Oh, god!!!


Note: For newbies – LGM is Lead Generation Magnet

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