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Buying into this thinking will choke your earning power

Unless you keep your guard up, you might let this type of class warfare thinking slip into your psyche, and it will stifle your income. I will

Har Ghar Tiranga

Happy Independence Day! I am a MAN who is blessed to live in this country, and it is a special holiday, today. When I thought about what to write

Fakes Exposed

I bought an expensive product about how to do Emails from a famous and successful marketer.  (Why would I do that when I am the king of Email

4 Things You Can Do To Avoid Disaster In Your Business

Imagine, “planes landing on the wrong runway”. Now this error can cause real problems, isn’t it? Unfortunately, like airlines who guide

Are you forcing people to buy…

The gift of learning the truth about sales and how to sell without using uncomfortable closing tactics. Is the key nowadays

You are making me feel stupid

Today I want to talk about “the problems of delivering wrong content”. Big Mistake: Delivering The Wrong Type of Content I watched a presentation


Justin Bieber cancelled his tour. Justin has more money than God and will be just fine, and, in fact, might financially do BETTER even though his

Head-hacking secrets for closing more sales

In the magic/mentalism world, there are videos about how to do “street hypnosis”.  This is where you walk up to people on the street and

A true tale of misery

Years ago, when one of my friends was fresh out of college, I got a job selling newspaper advertising.  The WWF (now the WWE) was coming to town

A checklist to solve a nagging problem

I am off to Mira Road to conduct a half-day private workshop where I will be working with a small group of people on creating their custom sales

Are you using this magical money maker?

Maa Kasam, you are leaving ‘bunch of ₹upiyas on the table every time you make a sale.  But not to fear, because Ashish Pawar is here. I want

Four steps to crushing any sales presentations

Before You Begin To Create A Sales Presentation Of Any Kind,  You Want To Do Some Sort Of Preparation. It Will Make Your Job Much Easier, And Your