WARNING: This message is very hazardous for sales people with weak heart… Be cautious!

Bullet Fast, Secret Tactics That Gives You A Dangerously Unfair Advantage In Any Sales Situation… Guaranteed”

From the desk of: Ashiish Pawar 7:36 PM, Friday

Dear Friend,

If you are ready to finally say goodbye to those outdated sales techniques which rarely worked than this will be the most important letter you will ever read.

I am sure you must have arrived at this site through my email campaign or perhaps you heard about it from a friend, read about it in the newspaper, or just stumbled upon it by sheer luck. Whatever the reason you are in for a treat?

As you read every word of this letter, you will discover a rock solid, idiot proof sales formula which will finally grant you the “Midas Touch” in selling.

You will soon realise that developing a laser edged tongue and a bullet proof exoskeleton isn’t necessary… or even helpful for sales success. Now I know you are sitting there, reading these words and saying to yourself, “Yeah, I have heard the hype before,” What makes your system so different than everyone else’s PROVEN system?

This is different because we are talking about, the barest, most closely guarded secrets of human buying behaviour you have never heard of. More importantly, these specific tested tactics can be used over and over again to crush your sales goals month in and month out…

Ok, there will be plenty of time for dwelling and basking in your glory soon enough. Let’s get serious…

Now is the time to learn a specific set of skills that will give you such astonishing, adept control or you become an expert or… that when you come up against objections – in sales or in personal relationships.

You will have the ability and finesse to easily turn their resistance to your advantage and verbally bend, twist, tango, tap dance, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…” and melt away their objections!

Having lost the sale to objections before, I am sure you can see the value that this skill — and the unshakeable confidence that it naturally gives you — would bring to your life.

I am sure you may have read books and articles on selling skills and on how to handle objections in your selling life span. Typically they list some old responses or vague strategies like “counter objections with more benefits”.

And sometimes they even back fire and may offend or insult your prospective customer or client or the other person that you are trying to build relationship with. Yep, don’t be surprise your competition or has read them too…

Worse part! If you ever can figure out how to use them… they occasionally they work. Often they don’t. And sometimes they backfire!

You see, generally they tell you to meet the objection “head on”. Let me ask you, how does it feel to hit a solid wall head on? Not so good, right? I see it in a radically different light. I have researched, field tested, and mapped out “doorways into the mind”.

If one door has been slammed shut — No Problem! You will find another one, wide open with a welcome mat… and the best part… you can easily learn how to do that.

What that means is, although the sales books out there are telling you to meet an objection head on (and smash into a closed door)… what I will teach you to do, is to forget about the door your prospect has slammed shut–but to step right through another open door… around, over, above or below.

And the best part is? In fact your prospect will actually tell you which is the best door to use. How about that huh! Before I get into exactly how this system is light years ahead of any other sales training system, I need to reveal my story.

Hi, my name is Ashiish Pawar many years ago just like you I got into sales to make money. Probably the only profession in the history of man-kind where you can take home loads-and-loads of money. I started selling at the ripe old age of 18 selling credit cards office-to-office and door-to-door. From the beginning I was “not good” at selling. I wasn’t great by any means. You know how it is; I would have a “good” month, and then a “not-so-good” month.

Can You Put Yourself In
This Picture?

I always envied those guys who seem to make their goals month-in and month-out. I felt so jealous, dejected, deprived of and felt cheated that only these guys are getting best leads and best territory.

So as my days went on in my selling career I kept asking those guys, how they did it? You know what they told me, probably the same as they told you, “NOTHING EVEN REMOTELY USEFUL”.

And it finally happened, I was kicked out of my lucrative sales job leaving me frustrated and hopeless. But that opened my eyes somehow I had to figure out how to consistently close my prospects naturally with confident and ease that these TOP PRODUCERS seem born with. Those lucky donkeys.

It turned out having “Time Off” from work, was the best break ever for my life. With nothing better to do then hang out at the local Landmark bookstore/Coffee Shop I stumbled upon Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP.

I have to admit I had heard about NLP and its supposedly magical success making formulas. Everybody knows about these celebrities who use NLP…Tony Robbins, Arfeen Khan, Phil Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, and on and on…

Oh! Finally I Can Breathe Some
Air… At Last I Found A Solution

I started reading everything I could about NLP. If you have read any books on NLP you already know they are dryer than the Rajasthan and more confusing than your latest salary structure. But I was determined to find my Eureka moment.

To discover what all of these mega successful people were doing (obviously to be incredibly successful you have to be really good at persuasion and selling!)

Within a couple of months of study I was back at work. Let me tell you, boy it is easy to get a job when you know NLP. I started using some of my new found NLP techniques and almost immediately found myself with a consistent 33% closing ratio! The average close rate in my department was 18% so I was closing double the amount of prospects.

At that point I had not discovered the entire steps of dead simple approach which I am going to teach you, I was using just one incredibly easy to use technique.

I would love to say at this point it worked like crazy and I perfected the full process. You Think I Am Exaggerating, Don’t You?

For a couple of years I just skated along with my nice, consistent, what I thought was a highly unreasonable closing ratio. Everyone was asking me how I did it; when I was so friendly; and never pushy for the sale… they thought I was working my ass off.

Can’t Wait Ashish… I Need That Fresh Air To Breathe Right Now!

FACT: Salespeople, Some Not So Friendly, Who Know All About These NLP Techniques, Are Stealing Your Sales Right Now…

By applying these NLP sales persuasion strategies I was granted my wish for sales success and I want you to have this too. Why, because I don’t want you to go through the SAME pain and agony I went through in my sales career.

I would say “these tactics that you are going to discover are not some altu-faltu techniques”.

The Sales Persuasion Mastery Course contains the most effective, downright dirty sales tactics which work! I can’t even call them techniques because what you are going to practice is the exact step by step formula used to persuade human beings primal buying level.

You are going to possess closely guarded ammunition you need to sell your product or service easier and more efficiently than ever before
Acquiring these skills gives you the power of language that only happens when you understand at a subconscious level of thinking. And you can just twist words to “Your Advantage”
You will be graceful under pressure. It gives you the absolute power to wipe out objections out of your prospects mind
You will know how to deal with the toughest objections you have ever slammed into. You will be astounded at how powerfully you will persuade once you learn these skills
These skills show you how to install information in your prospect to create surprise and totally open them to what you are persuading them about
These magnetic techniques allow you to get right into the mind of your prospect so deep and so clear that you can sense objections and answer them – before they even come out!

LIFE’s TRUTH: is that most of everything you want in life comes from selling, persuading, answering objections, and your ability to motivate.

The more you think about easily handling any objections the more you can imagine the amazing possibilities that will suddenly be available in your selling career – and your personal life by mastering these skills. With these skills you can achieve everything (and more) that you can imagine.

This is the absolute answer to making your results predictable. You already know that canned pitches don’t work with every client. And they certainly don’t set you apart from everyone else.

In fact, you will be astounded at how powerfully you will persuade, once you know these strategies and skills. When you have this course under your belt you will see and hear for yourself that you are no longer limited by the objections your prospects or clients bring up.

So are you ready to make a commitment to yourself to move powerfully towards the good things in life you desire?

The business you always dream of?
The perfect clientele you want to work with?
The three or four day work week?
The wealth you want and need to fulfil your dreams?
And the love, attention and respect you deserve?

What you will learn in this course is a powerful, new and proven system that you can leverage to make sale… after sale… after sale… at WILL. And you can even use these techniques on yourself to get past your own excuses and ignite your own fire in the way you have fallen short of doing.

Yes Ashiish! I Want To Take Control Please Send Me Your Course… I Can’t Wait!

Imagine Working With
Prospects Who Want To Buy…

Imagine how would you feel if you are walking into your client’s office and he is sitting there waiting for you so that he can hand-over the cheque or money.

Imagine he calls only you for repeat business. Imagine he sends you leads that are already converted which means you don’t have move a single bone. Imagine he keeps giving referrals that converts instantly…

Now you might say Ashiish can this be possible. Yes of course!



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Sales Persuasion Mastery is a program where I sat down and revealed to you all my closely guarded sales strategies in 4 Audio CDs along with “Ready-To-Use-Templates and Transcripts all the four CDs that will probably make a lot of sales professionals” royally ticked off.

Why is that? Because a lot of the strategies on how to improve your sales skills are outdated, out-moded and does not work with today’s sophisticated customers, clients and patients.

Here are just a few of the things you will discover:

Exactly What Questions To Ask And How To Ask Them To Elicit Your Prospects Buying Formula
Discover Exactly What Value Your Prospect Is Searching For
How To Directly Link A Prospects Gut Wrenching Want To Your Product Or Service
How To Close A Prospect With Their Own Words
When To Turn The Tables And Have Your Prospect Sell You On Why They Want What You’re Selling
A Simple “Works Every Time” Way To Have Your Prospect Feel Like Your Words Are Coming Out Of His Or Her Mouth
The Simple Body Language Trick Which Puts Your Prospect Instantly At Ease
A Tiny Tweak In Your Presentation Helps Eliminate 90% Of Objections
Why Your Current Close Will Only Work On Half Of Your Prospects

So Ashish, What’s Different
About This Course?

This course is not about useless one liners, law of large numbers, or defeatist cold calling tricks.

This course is based on actual human psychological and sociological reactions, behaviors and patterns.

You may currently believe, different people, different mindset… and that all people are different and you have to sell a different product or service differently based on the industry.

I’m here to reveal you’re wrong. It’s a hyped-up myth top sales pros force feed into the new joiners to make sure they don’t rise up the corporate ladder or ranks.

Once you know these SECRET WAYS of communicating these commands, you will be able to influence and persuade anybody that you choose.

Imagine selling not just with unconsciously commanding your prospect to buy now with your body language, tonality, your hand gestures BUT by your words that cut through the clutter and bring out your prospects deep core WANT

That’s A Very Good Deal! I Am Sold… So Give Me Sales Persuasion Mastery Right Now!

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Your 2nd Guarantee: If you keep the kit after two months, I will traverse along with you for another TEN MONTHS, and if, after a full year from your purchase date, you will show me proof that you used at least one strategy, system, or tool from the kit, and you will look me in the eye and tell me you did not put at least ₹10,000.00 in your bank account that you would not have otherwise, send me a note describing your use and failure with the Kit, I will STILL refund every paisa you have paid. With MY-ONE-YEAR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE you take zero risk when you order today.

At This Point, I Want You To Ask Yourself…

“What are the two sides to sales success? And how can you ensure you have BOTH of them?” When you look at a top producer who consistently breaks through his goals… they have these BOTH sides.

However, one without the other ends up leaving you frustrated and struggling.

The first side is straight-forward.

It’s the dedication and the want to excel. To hit your goals every month. To make a truckload of money.
But than why do so many sales people even with a great attitude and work ethic still not see the results they want?

The second side is the missing ingredient.

It’s your step by step plan to persuade and sell on the conscious and unconscious levels.

In the past you would have been sending one message to your prospect with your words and a completely different message with your body language, tonality, questions.

Which is because there isn’t a person or program which revealed to you the true secrets of sales persuasion… until now!

So wouldn’t it make sense to follow a program which gives you the best, most powerful sales abilities available? The same techniques which were modelled from the greatest sales people of all time.

This is what the Sales Persuasion Mastery will do for you, and I firmly believe it can quite possibly make you into the powerful sales person you long wanted to be.

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To Your Sales Success,

Ashiish Pawar

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