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“How To Make ₹1,08,62,400.00 Teaching What You Love, Dominate Your Market, And Liberate Yourself, Guaranteed”

Mahendra Devlekar

India’s No.1 Life Strategist
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“There is no one who knows more about the real world of speaking than Ashish Pawar”

“I have said it before and I will say it again – there is no one who knows more about the real world of speaking than Ashish Pawar. When it comes to knowledge of how to organise, market, sell, and build products and services at a profit, Ashish Pawar has no equal. For a length period of time I have utilised Ashish’s ideas in my own speaking, training, and consulting business. As a consequence, we have been fortunate enough to show consistent growth and continue to do so. I recommend Ashish’s services highly”

From the desk of: Ashish Pawar
Wednesday, 12:28 AM

Dear Friend,

If you are an established Speaker (or a brand NEW Speaker): And if you do not know how to get more speaking engagements? If you are not able to develop irresistible products faster, selling a ton of things from stage (which nobody knows about how to do), and write books and get published faster. If you do not know how to–define and DOMINATE any “target market” of your choice. Then what I am about to show you WILL – Spark a huge cash flow by building credibility and celebrity and ultimately becoming an authority in your market.

If you are a Coach or a Consultant: And if you do not know how to get more clients, be it corporate clients, individual clients or patients? If you are not able to create coaching groups (which are limited groups and unlimited groups) and do not know what should be offered in your coaching or consulting programs. Then what I am about to show you WILL – provide stability month after month that too with NO stress and anxiety and will leave you ample freedom to develop your business, ultimately making you the most sort-after coach or consultant in our country.

If you are an author: And if you do not know how to be a best-selling author? Finally, if you do not have enough money to publish a book and are been given a step-motherly treatment by the publishers; not doing any book promotion, not doing second print, and your book is not getting any visibility. Then what I am about to show you WILL – get maximum millage for your book, you will be chased by the publisher rather than you chasing them.

Even if you are an entrepreneur or somebody who loves speaking and are really serious about speaking business: Then I am about to PREVENT you from flushing handful of money down the toilet and wasting all your time, to the point where you put up your hands and give up!

I have discovered a full proof system for creating a thriving speaking business that has generated me a very comfortable income. This system allows me to make as much as ₹675.58 each minute when I am in front of a group and I am going to reveal exactly how you can put my system to work in your business

A System That Is Actually
Been Proven To Produce Results

It looks like everyone is out there to make quick money of professional speakers? has more than 4,296 speaking-related books. Most of them NOT even worth the paper they are actually printed on.

I know. Because I have bought, read and tried just about every single book, audio-books, and program on how to start and build a speaking driven business.

What I have discovered is that most of these programs were written by people who can’t speak their way out of a paper bag. People who can’t land a speaking gig to save their lives. Even people, believe it or not, who have never before spoken professionally in their lives.

Are these the kind of people you are going to put your trust in? Are the odds really in your favor when you follow advice that’s never been proven to work?

Of course not.

That’s why I spent years working on my formula for speaking success and now that it’s been tested and proven to work for me and hundreds of other professional speakers, I am going to deliver it to you on a silver platter.

My system is based on 11 years of in-the-trenches experience delivering more than 375 workshops. Two of those years were spent teaching seminars for NIS Sparta, than was one of the country’s largest training companies. I was their top speaker, in terms of audience ratings and product sales, for every topic I taught.

In other words, I know from personal experience what works – and more importantly, what doesn’t – when it comes to making money as a professional speaker. And I share it all, because I am a fanatic about helping my clients build thriving speaking driven businesses.

That’s why the shadier speakers in the speaking and marketing worlds can’t stand me. They want your money… and have no worries about giving you incredibly poor advice in exchange. So they get REALLY annoyed when I expose them for the frauds they are.

But I don’t care. I don’t care about playing nice with these individuals because I am not in business to make friends. I am in business to make money – lots of it – for me and other honest, hard-working professional speakers.

I have spent the past 11 years honing my system to the point that it’s now a finely tuned machine.
It works so well that…

I generate an average of more than ₹675.58 for each minute when I am speaking in front of a group.

…for every speaking engagement I accept, I turn away three potential clients whose terms just aren’t up to my mark.

…each day, money gets credited in my account (and half of the time, I don’t even remember who are sending me money).

I take at least 8 weeks of vacation every year from my speaking business.

It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? The best news is that this can be your life, too.

Now, I am not promising that you will see the same results… or even come close, for that matter. But what I can promise you: this is the only marketing system that can help you earn as much as money with VERY little effort.


How To Make A Fortune By Positioning And
Promoting Yourself As An Expert

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Mega Success System For Speakers is a program where I sat down and revealed each and every strategies there is known to mankind for making boat-load-of-money in speaking business and that I have used PERSONALLY in my speaking business.

You get a 200+ PLUS PAGE SYSTEMS TOOL-KIT this is one of my prized possession. I have included in this, samples of the MOST successful speaking driven business marketing campaign. They are marked as ****COPYRIGHT FREE MATERIAL**** and are divided in tabs: Newspaper and Magazine Ads, Sales Letters, Flyers, Postcards and Posters, Facebook Ads, Email Templates, and Text & Whatsapp Messages. With these marketing documents you DON’T have to even move a single bone just simply COPY PASTE and make them your. ZERO efforts!

You get Pack of SIX AUDIO CDs and each cd is an individual topic which means you can pick up any cd and start listening to depending upon what you want to accomplish.

We all get problems with technology, you will run out of battery and chances are you may not be able to charge your device. To solve this problem I give you TRANSCRIPTS of all the SIX AUDIO CDs word-by-word, you can actually read these cds whenever you want to. I have also made special section for taking notes.

Not only that you will also get FREE MARKETING CHALLENGE CONSULTATION certificate worth ₹750.00 with this certificate you are entitled to briefly and concisely describe your BIGGEST Marketing Challenge and I will personally respond with suggestions.

Break Free And Finally Earn The Respect
– And Money – That You Deserve

Niche Yourself: If you are a generalist, a speaker who claims to be able to speak about “anything,” be warned. Your future is as bright as it was for the dinosaurs, right around the end of the Jurassic period. In other words, it is not bright.

If you want to be able to charge decent fees, even hefty fees; have your product fly off the shelves; be able to fill a room just by mentioning an upcoming event then you need to be known as “The Expert” in the subject matter.

And the fastest way to become the biggest fish is to shrink the size of your pond. So identify a few niches you want to conquer, and then customise your speeches and materials to them.

Write A Book: If you want to be in demand as a speaker, you need to publish a book. A book gives you credibility like nothing else will. Not experience. Not education. Not even connections.

My SYSTEM reveals the secret formula I have used to write one book every 90 days since January 2011. Master this simple process, and before the seasons change, you could have a book ready to thump on the table in front of your prospects.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or “talent” needed to write a book. I will reveal two easy and ultra-affordable ways to get around these obstacles by working with professional writers and editors.

Create Irresistible Products for Each of Your Niche Markets: That means Reports, Books, Videos, Audio CDs, Seminars, Consulting, and Coaching packages – in short, anything you can sell to your audience.

Many speakers don’t offer products because they have fallen victim to two costly myths. One, that customers don’t want to be sold to; they just want good information from your presentation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Delivering a spellbinding, content-rich program is like serving an appetizer. It just arouses their appetite for what’s to come. So why send your audience away hungry when they will gladly pay you for anything from salad to an after-dinner cocktail?

Two, many speakers mistakenly believe that creating products is a painful, time-consuming process. Not so! With my SYSTEM, creating products will become delightfully easy, fun, and extremely profitable.

Promoting Your Own Events: You have two opportunities when it comes to securing new business. You can sit around and wait for training companies to call you or a referral client calling to book you. Or you can go out and create speaking opportunities by organising your own seminars, workshops and bootcamps.

Doing your own events puts you in the driver’s seat. YOU decide when you are going to work. YOU decide how far you will travel. YOU decide how much you will get paid and how much leeway you will have in selling products from the platform.

In Mega Success System For Speakers I will teach exactly how to put these money-making strategies to work in your speaking business.

You Will Discover The Following Secrets On
How To Build A Thriving Speaking Business Or Kick
Your Existing Business Into Overdrive

The secret weapon that every speaker should be using (but that 1 percent or less actually employ) to boost their speaking revenue. This is the very same secret that enables “big name” speakers like Anthony Robbins and Stephen Covey to fill seminar rooms in the blink of an eye.
How to quickly attract the greatest number of qualified prospects without spending a fortune the #1 most important piece of information to capture from prospects and how to use it to increase your speaking revenue
A crystal-clear explanation of the different terms you need to know and understand, master these if you don’t want to look like a fool in front of prospects or if you don’t want to announce that you are a speaking novice
How to set speaking fees what you should charge – at a minimum – to avoid being branded an amateur why your fee for a half-day event should never be half the price you charge for a full-day affair
How to become more attractive to prospects and land more gigs just by changing your speaking fees (hint: lowering your fees is NOT the answer) a definitive answer on the eternal question, “Should I negotiate on my fees?”
The fast and easy way to systematise your marketing efforts, so you can generate more profit without spending 365 days a year traveling and how to create a hands-free automated system to track your leads, market to prospects and serve your customers
Why your database is your single biggest asset and how you can fully exploit it to maximise your revenue and how to grow your speaking business as quickly as possible without draining your checking account
Have you been asked to speak for free? Here is the only time you should say “yes” The #1 most important factor that determines your success as a professional speaker – ignore this rule and the chances of getting repeat business will dry up
Why you absolutely, positively, must write a book – the fastest way to boost your credibility. The top 3 characteristics audiences look for in a great speaker and the easiest – and cheapest – way to get more speaking engagements
Why being a generalist speaker is practically a guarantee of failure in today’s market. How to identify your perfect niche, 3 insider secrets for getting your articles placed in trade publications read by your prospects
How to more effectively market yourself as a speaker. The funnel system for creating a successful and marketable line of products for your speaking business
The biggest mistake speakers make when deciding what products to offer. Your hands-down best choice when it comes to deciding which product to create first. Proven ways to land corporate speaking gigs and which one is your better choice over the effort less task.
How to maximise your speaking revenue using this magic formula when it makes sense to hold your own seminars, workshops and bootcamps and the difference among each type of event
A simple, logical system for maximizing the amount of products you sell from the platform – without causing your audience to turn off and tune out
The thing you must do BEFORE trying to sell your products flipping the order is practically guaranteed to be the kiss of death for your sales efforts

Sound like a lot of information?
Yes, it is!

Mega Success System For Speakers, like all of my programs, is all-meat, all-content, no-fluff not as chock-full of filler as a school-cafeteria line (not to mention some of my competitors’ products). That’s because the only thing that will grow your banking account is hard-hitting, practical advice about what REALLY works

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But that’s not all you will receive when you order “Mega Success System For Speakers” today. To help you maximise your profits as quickly as profitable, I am also going to give you THREE BONUS GIFTS worth more than ₹24,578:

BONUS # 1 – A 90-Minute Private One-To-One Consultation With Me On Any Topic Of Your Choice

For best results, I suggest putting my system into play and then using your consultation to resolve any persistent questions or challenges you are facing. Coaching clients typically pay me up to ₹2100.00 an hour, but you will get this laser-focused consultation absolutely free.

(A ₹2100.00 value)

BONUS # 2 – A 50% Discount On Admission To One Of My 3-DAY Speaking Driven Business Bootcamp

Participate in one of these events to suck my brain dry on the intricate details of creating information products… generating thousands of rupees in free publicity… planning and promoting seminars… creating and managing a profitable website. Other speakers who attend pay up to ₹21,500.00 for a seat in one of these information-packed events but you will get in for half the price ₹10,750.

(A ₹21,500 value)

BONUS # 3 – Secrets To Creating, Pitching, And Closing High-Priced Products (My Un-Edited Video)

You will discover exactly what to do, say and deliver to increase your platform sales. Once you master these time-tested techniques (the very ones that help me earn ₹675.58 on average for each minute I am on stage speaking), your audience will be tripping over themselves in their rush to turn in their orders.

(A ₹978 value)

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India’s #1 Stock Market Strategist

Author, Stock Market Columnist
Mumbai, India

“Ashish is phenomenal: He is straight-forward, no-nonsense and right on track with his expert advice”

“He packs his workshops with plenty of practical, useful and effective tips based on his own first-hand experiences. A few years ago I took his Speaking Driven Business Bootcamp in which he advised participants to “write a book to establish yourself as an expert”. I followed his advice, and am now an accomplished best-selling author and consulting expert. When Ashish Pawar speaks, entrepreneurs, and business executives everywhere should listen. He is simply a marketing genius”

Order Today To Unlock The Profits Hidden
In Your Speaking Business

So, what would it be worth to you to be spoon-fed a step-by-step system for consistently generating a mind-blowing speaking income month after month, year after year?

Without spending your non-speaking days making cold calls…

Without spending over a huge chunk of your speaking fee on things that are irrelevant…

Without letting others determine when and how much money you will make…

Is it worth ₹1,00,000? ₹75,000? Or even ₹25,000?

Depending on your level of speaking expertise – and how badly you want to regain control of your schedule and life – it might be. I have spoken to plenty of major league professional speakers who say that they would have invested that much in a heartbeat if it would have saved them years of education at the School.

But you don’t have to.

Because when you order Mega Success System For Speakers online today, you won’t pay ₹1,25,000.00 or even ₹75,000.00. You can get my entire system for the laughably low price of just ₹10,999.

You will receive 200+ PLUS PAGE SYSTEMS TOOL-KIT (a copy paste system), PACK of SIX-CDs, WORD-by-WORD TRANSCRIPTS, and FREE MARKETING CHALLENGE CONSULTATION CERTIFICATE. Listen, read, and implement my system to over-deliver, outsell and generally outperform all of my professional speaker colleagues.

Plus, you will also receive the THREE FREE BONUSES listed above. They are worth more than ₹24,578 – so you will realise an instant return of ten times your investment. Where else can you get a deal like that?

Remember, that value is just the face-value price. Only YOU can determine how much more cash-profits these gifts will add to your bottom line. If you put all of them to work in your business, the profit you can generate are truly limitless.

And if seeing an instant return on your investment wasn’t enough, I will also make your investment completely risk free.

My Maa Kasam,
Take-It-To-The-Bank Double Guarantee
That Other Speaking “Experts”
Don’t Dare Try To Match

I never sell anything without a guarantee. And I usually don’t GIVE out with a mere 30-day guarantee like most speakers do.


Mega Success System For Speakers is about making money. I present to you a vision of autonomy, certainty, and stability. A vision where you can go to sleep at night knowing you will be able to make money month-after-month. And knowing how much you will make 3 months, 6 months, even 12 months from now.

My 1st Unconditional Guarantee

You will have a FULL TWO MONTHS (60 DAYS) to examine everything in the kit, use whatever you wish or like, and, for any reason I mean for any reason, or even for no reason, you want YOUR MONEY BACK, just return everything and you will get your money back immediately. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. No “fine-prints”. No arguments. If you are not getting profit from it what’s the point keeping it, I would really prefer to buy it back.

My 2nd Conditional Guarantee

If you keep the kit after two months, I will traverse along with you for another TEN MONTHS, and if, after a full year from your purchase date, you will show me proof that you used at least one strategy, system, or tool from the kit, and you will look me in the eye and tell me you did not put at least ₹10,000.00 in your bank account that you would not have otherwise, send me a note describing your use and failure with the Kit, I will STILL refund every paisa you have paid. With MY-ONE-YEAR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE you take zero risk when you order today.

I am able to offer this guarantee because I know the SYSTEM works. I have been offering this guarantee for four years, and I have NEVER had anyone return this SYSTEM (the current version OR earlier editions).

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out what your speaking colleagues are saying about this program and its “sister” product, my three-day Speaking Driven Business Bootcamp.

“Putting just a few of these proven techniques into action will substantially increase bottom-line this year”

“I have been speaking for profit for a number of years. Two things hit me right away about your Mega Success System For Speakers: first, how much easier and more profitable my speaking business could have been if I would have had Ashish’s information to begin with. Second, how putting just a few of these proven techniques into action will substantially increase my bottom line this year – and for many years to come”

Prakash Kumar
Softskills Trainer, Mumbai

“You are different from others, who do what you do because you help people make the most of themselves as human beings. Not just in their “lives” as speakers. It’s something anyone who has studied your background, will readily see that you have also done for yourself. Which is why I am not surprised your organisation is called Headway Learning Strategies!”

Sarah Ganguly
Language Trainer, Pune

“Wisdom, business savvy, wit, and compassion are only a few of the delights I received when working and learning from Ashish. His profound knowledge of the realities of the professional speaking world made all the difference for me. He eagerly shared his wisdom with me. Ashish was a major contributor to my growth as a paid expert who speaks. For this I am deeply grateful. Working with Ashish proved to be the best, the very best investment of my time and money”

Rupam Chitra
Personal Development Coach, Mumbai

“If I hadn’t been mentored by Ashish Pawar, I would not be where I am today. I wouldn’t be speaking professionally 75 times a year, I promise you that. Where I give him the greatest credit is he taught me the secret to being successful. Ashish’s got a pulse on what today’s decision maker is interested in and what appeals to them”

Karan Doshi
Life Coach, Mumbai

“You are wise and wonderful! I will tell you the further I get into this speaking business, the more I appreciate the detail and amount of information you placed in those SIX Cds and Tool-Kit. WOW! Truly a whole world of learning on your part! And please quote me. I mean every word of this!”

Alpita Karan
Fitness Trainer, Mumbai

Get Started on the Path to REAL Speaking Success

If you want to build your speaking business the hard way and spend countless nights worrying about whether you will make your overhead this month… or if you believe you get extra “credit” somehow by spending years paying your speaking dues without any real return, do both of us a favor. Don’t order Mega Success System For Speakers.

But if you are the opposite …

…someone who wants to leverage their gifts as a speaker into a generous and well-deserved income stream…

…someone who is tired of sacrificing hours of scarce free time on ineffective marketing…

…someone who doesn’t want to throw away even a paisa more of hard-earned money on speaking programs that never have and never will work…

Your investment is completely risk free. Get the SYSTEM, listen to the Audio Cds, use the Tool-Kit and implement it. If you don’t agree that the time-tested tips and tactics I share will help you generate thousands of rupees in additional revenue, just send the program back for a full refund.

Listen, I don’t claim to know everything. But what I do know is this: last year I made a bunch of money from my speaking engagements and my four-step SYSTEM has helped me substantially increase my speaking income.

There is no way you can lose with this program and there is no telling how much business you will win. You can get the entire system for just ₹10,999 only.

See you on the other side,

Ashish Pawar

P.S.: You get one of my most transformational program Mega Success System For Speakers. It includes pack of SIX AUDIO-CDs that are packed with only practical information. Plus you get 200+ PAGES SYSTEMS TOOL-KIT (a copy paste system) which all the hard work is done for you. Plus you get TRANSCRIPTS of all the six cds. Plus you get ₹700 FREE MARKETING CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE.

P.P.S.: You also get “THREE Must-Have” bonuses worth ₹24,578 which are BONUS # 1 – A 90-Minute Private One-To-One Consultation With Me On Any Topic Of Your Choice, BONUS # 2 – A 50% Discount On Admission To One Of My 3-Day Speaking Driven Business bootcamp, BONUS # 3 – Secrets To Creating, Pitching, And Closing High-Priced Products (My Un-Edited Video). All this for just ₹10,999.

P.P.P.S.: You also get my MAA KASAM DOUBLE GUARANTEE. First Unconditional for FULL-TWO months from the date of purchase and second Conditional for FULL-TEN months. All this for just ₹10,999.

P.P.P.S.: This is your chance to break away

from all that held you back in the past…

To fulfill your dream of full-time speaking…

To spread your wings and fly… To find your place in the sun…

To capture the speaking business success you deserve. All this for just ₹10,999.

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The Business Growth Tool Kit will show you how to take every rupees you spend on advertising and multiply them like rabbits. Here is what it includes:

How to design your business based on YOUR rules
How to get your customer to buy more from you
How to make an offer your prospects cannot refuse
The simple multi-step lead generation system that “calls out” to your target market
How to get clarity on your ideal customer
How to get your customers to choose you vs. the competition
The automated systems you can easily “move” into your business

To Accept Your Free “Business Growth Tool Kit” your full ₹2373.00 worth of pure Money-Making information, make sure to also check off the box right below…

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