“Discover How To Instantly Supercharge Your Skills, Skyrocket Your Income, And Secure Your Financial Freedom Using Ashish Pawar’s Ninja Techniques”

If you want to possess the ability to create income at will, through direct response marketing WITHOUT doing ANY manual labour… to RISE ABOVE any business or product category, and create profitable promotions for virtually ANY product, service or business – you NEED Ninja Techniques.

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How To Pre-Empt And Prevent Price Objections And How To Destroy Your Competition
How To Get To The Decision-Maker, Fast
Why And How To Use Proven Selling Formulas
The Seven Secrets Of Maximum Personal Influence – Use Them To Transform Your Entire Selling Experience
The Five Keys To Peak Mental Preparation For Each Selling Situation
The Only One Closing Technique You Need
Apply Takeaway Selling – So People Just Beg To Be Your Customers/Clients/Patients

“How To Become Sales Ninja” consists of FLASH DRIVE that reveal Ashish’s every secret of ultra-successful selling. You will learn how Ashish’s very different approach to selling pre-empts objections, eliminates price resistance, creates consultative positioning, and utilises Takeaway Selling and much more.

Here is what you will discover on this flash drive:

How to Pre-Empt and Prevent Price Objections AND how to Destroy “Cheaper” Competition
How to Get to the Decision-Maker, FAST
How to use Openness and Honesty – in a surprising way – to gain an EXTRA EDGE in Selling
Why and How to use Proven Selling FORMULAS
The Five Keys to Peak MENTAL Preparation for Each Selling Situation
THE all-time #1 best Closing Technique – THE only closing technique you need!
Apply Ashish’s TAKEAWAY SELLING – so people jump through barriers and just about beg to be your customers, clients or patients
How to imperceptibly, even secretly CONTROL the outcome of every conversation
The SEVEN SECRETS of MAXIMUM PERSONAL INFLUENCE – use them to transform your entire selling experience

REAL confidence does NOT come from positive thinking, affirmations, visualisations, wearing Zodiac suit and a super fantastic brochure or a 30 second walk on hot coals.

Ninja like confidence comes from KNOWING exactly how to make a decision marker at ANY level to quickly accept your ideas as their own, accept YOU as THE person they can trust to solve their problems and pay your price without bargain and you can do this with “How To Become Sales Ninja”.

‘HOW TO BECOME SALES NINJA’ will be delivered to you in a Flash Drive. This Flash Drive was initially offered ONLY to my private clients and coaching members. It was then priced for ₹2199.00.

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How to get clarity on your ideal customer
How to get your customers to choose you vs. the competition
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